Allow the creation and saving of multiple Device Setting Profiles

Well, you have to vote (at the top of the page) if you want profiles.

Well, I didn’t know this topic existed, and didn’t post in this topic - I posted a new topic actually. I assume an admin or forum AI tool moved my post here. I’m new here, and this forum is not intuitive at all, more like a maze (to me at least).

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Ah, ok. One of the mods doing some organizing moved it, I’m sure. Thanks for voting and welcome to the forum. The forum is a little different and takes some getting used to, but it is good here.

It would be nice to be able to set multiple alert schedules per camera.

For example, my camera that covers our front driveway also covers the road. I minimize the detection zone so that alerts are not fired every-time a car drives by. At night, it would be nice to switch to full screen detection, or even use a different detection zone setting so I could cover the road at late night hours.

Currently I manually turn off detection zone setting when I remember.



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Every time someone asks for a new action (settings change), I should add it here as an alternative.

i want profiles to have the option of being created in a text editor using ASCII … An XML format would be good. then transfer said format to WYZE app. i think this really makes the product line very powerful. add this to all products. leverage 3rd party effort and ingenuity tags: 99xml 99profile

Proposed title: Macros for Global Settings. When I just reviewed the roadmap, I saw an item titled “Allow multiple devices to be controlled by a single Schedule Rule.” I am unsure whether my following suggestion is the same or similar or maybe different since instead of operating on some sort of a schedule, I’m talking about an interactive event that might also be used in a schedule. I guess feedback will enlighten me. Anyway, here goes: There are times when recording and notification needs vary. For example, a higher level of notifications and recording might be more relevant when away from the home or office than when present. If there are many cameras and sensors, it takes a lot of time to visit each item and change their individual setup. I seek the ability to make a snapshot of ALL the current camera and sensor settings and save (or overwrite) that to a user named macro, then run such a macro to set all the devices to the desired settings at once. This would allow the user to interactively run macros to make system wide settings for conditions such as asleep, awake, away, etc. Therefore, I propose a suggestion to enable the app to save global settings into named macros that can be interactively run to make global setting changes. If this suggestion is actually incorporated in the earlier roadmap item, I apologize for bringing it up as something new.

Hi @hank1, I have merged your #wishlist submission over to this topic. I think this is the one your were looking for (it wasn’t necessarily that easy to find).

@Loki Let me know if this needs it’s own thread, but I’d really like to be able to backup and deploy configs or profiles. Effectively, I’d like to set a baseline, save that config or profile, and then deploy it to the rest of the devices. For example, if i need to turn sound recording on for all devices, currently I need to go into each individual device and modify that setting. Ideally I would be able to change that setting on 1 cam, save the config, and then deploy to my remaining cameras, This would save tons of time for deploying new units. Likewise for bulbs as well. With the new Power Loss Recovery feature, I’d love to be able to set that flag in a config and deploy to my 12 bulbs, but currently I have to change that feature for every device manually.

Thanks. I’m not surprised there was a thread on this already. I suspect anybody who has used your cameras for a while has developed a desire for macros or profiles, because changing settings gets tedious. I looked for the subject on the wishlist and roadmap, but missed it.

@bishop, No I don’t think it needs a separate thread. Fits in quite nicely here.

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You have great products, and I love using them every day.
One practical suggestion is to create a possibility being able to disable all schedules with one click.
Having a “vacation” button , can disable all other schedules setup up and activate a single “Vacation Schedule” . Now important actions might get missed if you “forget” to deactivate and activate your needed profile manually

I suggest making Global settings available. Either for all cams and/or for grouped cams. It would be nice to go through and change motion detection or sync times all at once for example. Simar to the way you have global FW updates…

Multi device settings capability would be nice. For example I have 13 cameras and 11 of them have the same settings for:
Quality HD vs SD
Sound Notifications (smoke alarm etc)
Detection settings

I’ve been using my new Sense Hub for about a month now. The devices consist of: 3 pack of Leak & Environmental Sensors, a couple door sensors, etc. I’m just getting started and plan to add cameras and setup the home monitoring in the near future. I just had my internet go offline and lost the config for all my devices since that seems to be the only way to reconnect it according to this support article:
It would make sense to me if the app included a backup/restore feature so that if I have to replace or reconfigure my entire home I would be able to choose either from a cloud (automatic would be nice) or local backup manually via a web gui.

Wyze Sense Hub - ability to BACKUP & RESTORE devices associated with Hub

Please provide a means on the Wyze Sense Hub to BACKUP & RESTORE devices associated with Hub.

I only have 11 devices on one of my hubs, but every time the Hub looses it’s ability to function normally, and I have to delete the sense hub, then add it back in, I have to walk around the house adding devices back to the Hub, slightly annoying…

Perhaps an auto backup of my settings to the cloud and/or a manual backup to my PC/Mac/NAS ?


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Detection Zone Profiles and Rules

Hello Wyze Devs!

I would like to have the ability to have Detection Zone Profiles for each camera along with Rules to enable/disable those profiles.

I have a camera at my in-laws we use to monitor her home, however we don’t always need to know what is happening on the street at every moment. I only want to know when my childs bus shows up, so I would enable a specific profile with the street unblocked during the expected window of when the bus should arrive.

I don’t wish to turn all notifications off.

A way to set a day and night profile,

So example for my v3 pro in the front of a busy road, I can set sensitivity and detect zone different during the day or night?

One way works really well during the day for me and other settings work well at night. As night time has lots of flashing car lights so some times with all the events the cam misses miss a person at the door.

I know I can switch the the new smart detect and limit the events,
but I like to see the animal events that pop up. :joy:

Ty that is all. I hope I’ve explained things okay as it’s my first post here.

Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @djdc12342003! :raising_hand_man:

Very useful function! Coupled with the capability of flexible scheduling and rules integrations, multi-profile settings would also make it easy to dial back cams in nasty weather and then tune them back in easily afterwards. Great suggestion!