Add support for microSD cards larger than 32GB

I expect you meant to reply to the topic at large or another person, rather than me.

Hi @PP007 You’ll need the 32Gb uSD card to manual flash any firmware. I’ve been using 64 Gb for recording and some have reported using 128Gb. Its worth a shot.

  • Preferable to use High Endurance cards in your device such as Samsung PRO Endurance.
    Info On HE Cards High Endurance Cards

Yes, I use 64 Gb class 3 cards and they work well. I had tried 128gb back then, but it was not recognized. Need to check again.
Mainly my question was for wyze dev team, as they have accepted this change for development now … whats the max size they are considering? And is the change compatible with existing devices via firmware upgrade?

I’ve 3 of the V3’s running on Samsung PRO Endurance 128GB for months with no known problems.
On 1 test I sat a V3 in front of a 47" TV which occupied about half the view. The TV was active from about 0600 when the first person up turned it on in the morning to about 2230 at night when the last person to retire for the night turned the TV off. Thus there were plenty of changing pixels throughout the day. But from 2230 to 0600 it was a static scene.
The 128GB card recording on SD filled up after about 13 days and started the normal overwriting.

I’m in a mood. Perhaps Wyze doesn’t support more than 32GB SD cards is because they only sell 32GB SD cards.

I use SanDisk 64GB High Endurance SD cards and have never had an issue, and I have over 25 cameras including 2 base stations and 8 WOCs.

We know that some folks have been using larger sizes! But there are things that we have to do on our side to be able to officially support those larger sizes and make sure that they’re more stable. About to head into testing! :tada:


Have you conducted a poll/questionnaire for those of us that have been running larger sizes for years?
As I mentioned above I’ve been running 128GB for months with seemingly no problem, and I’ve had a 64GB in a Pan cam since Feb 2019.
I do think brand/grade matters because early on I tried SanDisk and had several failures. Since then I’ve stuck to Samsung.

I’m happy to announce that we officially have firmware that supports exFAT!



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Hah! Well, thanks for the support! Though I really can’t take any credit on this one. I’m just the messenger! :grin:

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Mighty memory messenger you are

So please verify… can the V3 camera now use ANY capacity exFat formatted card…even the one terrabyte microSD cards? Yea…I know that is crazy overkill…but SOMEBODY had to ask that question. Thanks very much for adding exfat support !

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My v2 sees the full 200GB card now :wink:

Perfect. 3 days after I just ordered a 5 pack of 32GB cards for my new cams.

You mean 18 days ago you were 3 days into ordering new cards?

yup. I had placed my order for 32GB cards because I had previously tried using a 256GB card and got flaky results. I had 5 new cams I needed cards for so I opted to go with 32GB cards because they are more stable.

Just trying to confirm, is it officially supported on V3 only or V2 cameras well now?

V3: As of (December 6, 2021)
V2: As of the next rev – update (December 20, 2021) was pulled for an AI bug and live streaming issue

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Like @Newshound showed ya, keep an eye on the firmware release notes page and the individual devices for updates to see when they are updated with the new feature.