Add support for microSD cards larger than 32GB

Christian, thank you for calling me out on the format. I was going from memory and was wrong. I picked up a Windows program that allowed me to choose a format but the important thing is that I had to stick with the format wyze uses of course which is Fat32 (had to look it up). Sorry for my error. I believe that I found that the reformat using what wyze offered did not work out did not format the entire 128GB. So the free Windows-based program I found on the web did the trick.

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First I’d like to be able to use a larger card and there would be 2 directories. One for live stream that gets overwritten after it’s full (we set size limits for live stream) the other for saving full motion events (not just 12 sec) and it won’t get overwritten.

Would definitely like to have more storage than 32GB. 256GB would be nice but at least 128GB

Welcome to the forums! As 32 gig is the officially supported limit, folks have chosen to leave the supported zone and have had success with much higher sized cards. Most my cams have 64 gig cards, rest have 32.

I use a 200GB and a 256GB in my two Cam V2 and it works fine.

To be able to use a larger micro SD card in the outdoor unit.

I would really appreciate at 64 gig micro SDxc card capacity on the base station. 32 gig for the base station with 4 cameras is just not enough storage.

I wasn’t certain where to put this in the other topics. So I created a new one. I love the cameras. They request I would like to submit is that the cameras have the ability to use a larger SD card. 32 gigs does not include enough space for times when we are away from home. I would like 64 or really 128 gig. Thank you for your consideration.

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Have the capability of having the wyze cam be compatible with a 1Tb microSD card allowing more video recorded than the max 32Gb

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Me too. It did not work with 128 GBs, but 64 GB is not a problem. All my cams are using 64 GB card.

So this confirms all wyze cameras will use 64 gig cards and work appropriately@

64gb works fine

Yes, works normally with 64Gb, only insert a good brand or good well know certified…

Happy to say that we are officially in a researching phase for this! :slight_smile:


Great news.

Happy to see that someone at Wyze is looking at the forums :wink:

And BTW some people here can help you look into it since they have been using more than a 32gb

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Awesome. Will look into this further. :+1:

Any chance that a pan, tilt, zoom outdoor camera will be offered any time soon?

Given that they just released the v2 Pan and unlike the v3 standard it wasn’t rated for outdoor use, I would say the odds are not good at all.

Thank you for responding

What is the max size that u are considering for this change? Will the existing cams also support it after firmware upgrade?