Add Alexa and microphone to devices to eliminate need for Alexa in every room

I am interested in installing light switches in every room of my house, but I do not want to have to have Alexa device in every room. Is it possible to activate Alexa skill and command thru a mic that would pair with Alexa over the network? Forgive me if I’m not explaining this better, I write code not a hardware person.

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Alexa enabled wall switches sound good to me. The smallest device I’ve seen is the discontinued Echo Flex. Most Alexa enabled devices are speakers.

Echo buds, echo frames, voice assistant on the Wyze headphones, Alexa on your mobile device,… you can have Alexa on you at all times if you choose without having a dot or show in every room

You can also write routines/rules with motion sensors to turn on smart switches when they detect motion, then turn off when motion has cleared for x time.

I know we are already nuts with loss of privacy and microphones in every direction… Sorry, can’t complete that. A conflict of interest for me for sure, lol. I want Alexa, I just don’t want mics everywhere in my house?

I know. Nuts, whichever side you are on!!!