Adapter overheating

Has anyone had an issues with the adapter of the wyze Cam V3 overheating. I have had that issue and have a concern that it may cause a fire.

Some have had the adapters over heat. if it is, you may want to switch it out to be safe

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Yes, and no. Its not uncommon. Most of us don’t pay attention to when an adapter is getting too hot. Glad to see you noticed. Likely happening to some of your others (and ours too). Usually means the attached device is drawing marginally more power than the adapter can support.

Its been my experience that the Wyze adapters are safe, but just barely provide the power the camera needs. And I complicate matters when I use a different cable, too long or not same specs. I have solved many of my fluke like issues with Wyze cameras by replacing the adapter with better quality. Such as high amperage, not much higher, but it eliminated “hot adapters” and helped with other intermittent camera problems. Just my personal experience.

Wyze Adapter catching on Fire…


Good work. This is one of the many reasons we need you here. Thank you.

Don’t use the indoor adapters outdoors. That doesn’t work well. :slight_smile:

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