Ability to customize groups - Group multiple product (Device) types together

Is there any concept of a residence / home within the Wyze App?
I have seen that in some Home Automation App / eco system, and can have multiple residences / home with addresses for location services and grouping of devices. That could resolve some of the wants expressed in this thread. Just my thought…

I have rooms in my house with several different devices each (cameras, bulbs, plugs, etc) and it’d be really nice to be able to group a room’s device instead of just being able to group the same type of device.

For example: It would make my life easier to be able to turn on/off the wyze plug and bulb in my bedroom at the same time by having them grouped, but I can’t because the grouping I see is for like-devices (you can only group cameras with cameras, and bulbs with bulbs, you can’t cross-group). Is this possible? If not, is this something on wyze’s radar for possible implementation?

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There is already a wish list topic for that here,


Thank you!

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Voted for this.

Have a use case where I would like to be able to group a cam with a plug and be able to toggle the plug while viewing the stream.

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Hey guys… This #wishlist is also something that would be all the difference for me if available on app. I had mention it elsewhere before knowledge of this request.

Please bring this feature to life, we need multiple device types, multiple room grouping

Hi Wyze,

Hopefully I’m posting in the right section. I’d like to give some feedback on the WYZE Mobile App:

Create a Home / Rooms & assign devices

I started with a recommendation for a neighbor for a good cheap indoor camera. Six cameras, robotic vacuum, smartlock, and one lock gateway later, my list of devices has grown. I also purchased 2 wyze cams for my parents for their home.

The list of devices has grown unwieldy. I’d like a better / smarter / condensed listing that I can assign to homes or rooms (eg. Allen Home versus Parent’s Home / Living Room versus Master Bedroom).

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I have wyze products in two different houses but there isn’t a good way to organize all the products in the app based on which house/location. I would even be happy with the ability to make custom device groups that would allow different types of devices in the group so everything in one house can be organized under one tab.

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I had same situation. I do not know if this is proper but I had to create an account for the 2 of us here. An account for one building and another for the next… pain in butt for sure. Wonder when or if a custom group will be available sometime. Hope so… until then this workaround is working, and it’s a little annoying sometime, but at moment it’s what I can do… So I can have whatever cameras and devices for one building under one account and the other building is another. Yeah a pain, but anyone with any other solutions please let me know?

Would like to suggest to having a grouping per home/building. For example, I monitor both my parent’s house and my apartment. Some users may also have businesses or vacation homes they want to monitor but not wanting to mix devices altogether. It would be nice to see the devices grouped per location to de-clutter the home screen.

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I have many Wyze plugs in my home. I have them all grouped and things work very well.

I recently added a Wyze outdoor plug to my home to control outdoor landscape lights.

I have tried to add the outdoor plug to the existing plug group and cannot do so.

Please add the ability to put all plugs into a single group. This will keep the Wyze homepage in the app from getting too cluttered.


I would love to see the ability to further group devices into more then just camera or sensor groups. It would be nice to be able to retain the current ability to group by device but also add an option to group multiple different devices by room. Similar to the google home or Alexa app. This could be further extended by allowing device groups within room groups and room groups within device groups.

So for example I could have a room called kitchen with all the devices (cams, plugs, sensors) that are in my kitchen inside the group. This could be taken further by creating a camera group within that room group for the cameras in that room. This could also be done the other way and have a camera group with all your cams and then have them grouped/organized by room within the camera group.

This would allow the ability to have groups with different types of devices within the group and would also make it easier for users to find certain devices when they have a long list of devices, Or similar devices in different rooms. Instead of searching a long device list for one device if you know the room the device is in you could open that room group and be able to find the device your looking for easier. It would also allow the ability to control entire rooms with rules. For example turn on all lights/devices in the kitchen.

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Agree 100% :+1:

Agree! I have Wyze device at three locations and it would be nice to group them by location


Yeppers… Almost same dilemma here… 3 homes/buildings, but at same locations… Different routers too.
Like I said previously which I’m pretty sure you’re aware of as well, is a workaround I did by using 2 different user accounts since I shared the devices between them to get a more consistent layout within Wyze. I am trying to explore the IFTTT app I keep hearing, but time is a luxury these days… Well, for me that is.
Good luck!

I’m found wanting for this feature… and smart dimmer switch. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Different account is one way but it would be nice if they just added the grouping.

Dimmer? Have you tried the Wyze bulb? I use the on/off for the garage door. Not sure if they are dimmable via IFTTT. Might be able to use the Set Scene setting.

The bulb is awesome! My problem is all my parcels have recess lighting… 8 smart bulbs for one room, then 4 for another, 6 in one… I could go on… :upside_down_face: You get the idea. The Wyze bulb would be a mess for me as it is now without room grouping capabilities, and even with that function imo its just too many smart bulbs for my situation. Also, with the Wyze bulb the body is not flood size so you could see right up the fixture. This also is an issue for me as far as aesthetics.

Replacing the switches is at the moment the best solution I can think of… but if you or anyone else has a better idea… Please HELP! lol :joy: I would most gratefully appreciate it…

cant believe we still dont have this.

Please add capability to group different devices especially wyze plugs and Wyze outdoor plugs.

Thank you

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