47mm Watch Time Off by ~30 Minutes

Today I noticed that my watch did not show the correct time of day, which is totally unacceptable (of all things to NOT work). My recollection is that it was about 30 minutes behind. A restart solved the problem, but now I'm concerned that functions that depend on the time might not work, too, like the alarm.

Has anyone else experienced the same? I can't find any posts related to this.

No we had to send the 47C back what a piece of crap,it lost all kinds of datd,data, went back to my 47 and never had an issue with it

Well, I ran into a time issue on my watch again this morning; it was off by 1 hour (this has happened a couple of times since my last post). Here’s an image of the watch face and my iPhone, which clearly shows the discrepancy. I opened the Wyze app on my iPhone to search for a setting that might address this, which I didn’t find, but this seemed to trigger a reset of the time on the watch back to the correct time. Outside of the obvious concerns, I cannot trust the watch alarm to wake me up anymore. Also, the sleep app shows one less hour of sleep.

Any suggestions for the cause and a solution, please? Does the watch depend on the time on the iPhone, which might be having issues itself?

Go to your clo k settings on phone and turn off network update and add 1 hr on your phone,and then re boot the watch and see what it does

Thanks for your suggestion. From what I can tell, on an iPhone, you cannot disconnect the clock from the network and manually change its setting (which I understand since doing so can lead to many issues). However, I was able to manually change the time zone on the iPhone, and the watch reflected the time in the new time zone after I restarted it. So, now I suspect the phone is the source of the problem.

Doing some research, I learned that the iPhone picks up the time from my cellular carrier. My current theory is that setting an iPhone to low power mode while charging overnight, which is what I did, prevents the phone from getting the time from the cellular carrier until it’s turned on again. It also might prevent the watch from communicating to the iPhone via Bluetooth. Under these conditions, even after the iPhone is turned on, fully charged, and showing the correct time, the watch and the iPhone aren’t resynched with each other until you restart the watch.

Anyway, I’ll continue to experiment with solutions, but again, thanks for giving me an idea to try; it got me thinking about potential causes.

Im useing iphone as well and a watch 47,with no issues at all