4.X.5.111 Camera firmware beta release (3/12/2020)

Dear beta users,

Today, we will release a new camera firmware to test.

Firmware version:



Release note:

Optimize the SD card ejection logic.


I still haven’t seen this update. Another slow roll?

Updating now. What does “Optimize the SD card ejection logic” mean? Anything we need to actually test?

I believe that it is more or less just changing the code to have everything stop writing to the card more efficiently so it can be ejected without write errors. it shouldn’t noticeably changing anything on the user end.

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Am the only one who is not getting update?

No update here either.

It also shows “Improved Google Nest Hub streaming” so I’m going to be testing that out. Too bad it’s not native Chromecast support.

My V2 won’t upgrade to the new firmware. Can’t seem to update from to Gets to between 20-23% and then just stops and asks me if I want to upgrade the firmware again. My Cam upgraded to with no problems.

Any ideas on what to try next?


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Welcome to the Forum! Sorry you are having problems.
First off, check your cams device info/firmware. Sometimes it will tell you it failed yet the cam will be updated.
You can upgrade from either the main screen/ account/ firmware or from the camera screen prompt when you load the cam view, or from the cam view/settings/device info/firmware. Whatever isn’t working now, try another option.
Also might be a good idea to Power Cycle the cam before trying again.
Last ditch effort you can download the new firmware file and manually Flash firmware
Best of luck. Keep us posted!


Wanted to follow-up and confirm if you were able to update @smudgepaul1!

So what I’m reading above… sounds like the Cam Beta (RTSP enabled?) Firmware can now be updated through the app… not just the Manual-SD-Card? If so, that’d be awesome - when did that start? Seems my Beta App (Android) isn’t cooperating - still says cams “up to date” 4.28.4,41 - which can’t be right, but it does show Revert Options to, etc. Maybe the current Cam Beta FW needs to be up to a certain rev for this to work?

RTSP is not a regularly maintained and updated firmware by WYZE. My cam running it shows the same version and says up to date also. I’m not even sure that when a new version is released it will be updatable thru the app, but I think it will.
Here’s info on the topic:

Ahh, so they’re talking about a different Beta… I haven’t been around much. In my mind, RTSP was “The” Beta. Now I’m straightened out.
No worries on manually updating, just need to figure out/find the latest RTSP version available.
Thanks for the insight!

There is nearly always a Beta version of the app and standard firmware available. It’s how software is tested before being released to the public.