2 wyze watches

I own 2 Wyze watches. The app only lets me pair one watch. Solution? I can’t get a new app from the App Store(Apple)-will only let me open my original app. HELP

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Are the watches different sizes? They should both be able to pair if they’re different sizes.
If they are the same size, you’ll need to pair one to a different app or account. Only one (of the same size) watch can be connected to a mobile device at a time.

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Has this been published ANYWHERES??
That burns me up, I’m about to get 2 delivered today and after months of waiting find out I can only use 1.

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Are they different sizes(44 and 47)? If so, they will work. The watches are similar to the band in Bluetooth connectivity. I. Not sure if this has been published anywhere.

No, they are the same size.

Just got my 2 today. One for me and one for my Dad. I have an account and set up all our camera’s and everything on it. We both have separate phones and apps but when I go and try to set up his watch on his phone [totally separate from mine, other than the account] it yells at me you can only have one watch linked at a time. Burns me up too, we’ve been waiting months for these and you can’t have two watches on the same account? Come on! Ugh!

Going to have to make a whole separate account for him now and share all the cameras and everything and hopefully then he can sync his watch. What a hassle that makes no sense.

Oh wow. I bought two 44s for myself and my wife… I have yet to set up the second watch.` this is really unfortunate that we can’t use the same account.
Even if you rename the first watch, it won’t let you set up a second one?

This absolutely makes no sense that you cannot pair more than one watch to the same account. I love the watches, but this is ridiculous. Guess I will have to make another account for my son, my wife and myself (SILLY!!!)

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