2 opposite Wyze cam 3s reflecting each other IR lights,

I placed to Wyze cam 3s. cross facing to look on opposite sides of backyard.
They are reflecting each other IR lights
This brightens part of image and adjacent areas are not visible. ,.

Looks good to me, but if you think it’s a problem, you’ll have to either mount them back-to-back or just turn Night Vision Mode off on one or both cams.

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Or re aim the cameras so that the other is not in view of the first.

They are not reflecting the light, they are simply seeing the light from the other camera.


The v3 cams have very good color night vision. Have you tried turning off the IR lights?

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Even after turning off the V3’s IR light, there’s still some light coming from it. Viewed from another V3, it’s purplish.

That is most likely the status light, you can turn that off in the Advanced Settings of the camera settings

No it isn’t. I have the status lights turned off on all my V3s.

I apologize. I re-tested, the purple light that I saw was the IR light.

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