1.86gb wyze camera v2 SD card storage issue

Your computer is not a camera. Your computer has the ability see and fix the card which is why you should format it on your computer. And don’t use Sandisk in your camera that is why you are having issues.

I know this is old. Here is what I found and did, seems to be working.
I am under the impression that Wyze wants you to buy their SD Card, which registers a slightly different size than standard when formatted. So I simply formatted a new SD Card, and copied a recently formatted (through the Wyze app Wyze SD Card. Mine had 3 folders and time config file. I think this is tricking the software into thinking this is an acceptable card as it is already in use. I also made sure to have the camera unplugged when reinstalling the SD.

I have a few 32gb wyze SD cards which are showing o.om/o.om in two different cameras. Some how my SD cards have been deleted of all memory.

Also, screen says I have no SD card even though it is in camera. I have taken SD card out numerous time to no avail.

Photo of no memory.

Wyze brand SD cards are garbage, everyone of mine eventually failed.

Replaced with these [SanDisk High Endurance SD cards for video cameras, etc…](SanDisk 32GB High Endurance Video MicroSDHC Card with Adapter for Dash Cam and Home Monitoring Systems - C10, U3, V30, 4K UHD, Micro SD Card - SDSQQNR-032G-GN6IA Amazon.com)

Never have had a problem since

Wyze cards lasted less than a year or so

SanDisk are still working more than 3 years old

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Mine is a Wyze card and it has the same issue.

I’ve had the same problem with multiple cameras and multiple SD cards.
Both V2 and V3 cameras (I own ~10 cameras).
I’ve tried kingston, Sandisk, and the wyze labeled cards. All brands have had at least one event where it ended up showing the wrong size (usually 1.86gb).
Only once did I have an actual bad SD card.

And of course they start out fine, when you actually need footage, that’s when you find out they’re POS’es.

I’ve heard multiple recommendations about what type of card to use, whether to format it on the camera or on a PC, whether use use FAT32 or exFAT… I’ve observed each case result in a failure to record.

Users that are reporting no problems… are you actually going back to view playback at random times and confirming that yours works?

This problem has been a serious issue for me and wyze support doesn’t have anything interesting to add (take 30 minutes of my time to remove and re-add your camera…issue comes right back)