Wyze writing .txt files to my devices?

Is wyze writing these to my devices? Do I need them? Thank You.

Apparently they are some detail logging that Wyze added few releases ago. If you watch Wyze a lot, they get huge. Yes, you can delete them (in fact, I just did).

Will it do this to my phone too? If so how do you delete them?

Yes, it does it on your phone. Te delete, the easiest way I found on my Android is to look at the file system and select clean. One of the options is “large files”. Once they get past 100MB or so, they are the largest files on the phone, so easy to select and delete.

Anyone that can tell me how to do this on my iPhone7? Are you talking about the cashe files under app settings??

I don’t speak iPhone.
No, this is not the cache files.


im stealing this saying.

I wish I could help but I am not of the fruit persuasion either. I might have a friend who is savvy in the ways of apple through. @Mavens might one of you marvelous people be able to share some expertise here?

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iOS doesn’t really give users the ability to see or tinker with an app’s support files. You can eliminate them en masse by deleting the app, though. Since the Wyze device settings are on the server, this will have minimum impact on you. You will need to logon again and tell iOS what the app can access again (notifications, location, etc).

However – the log file will just fill up again, so I suspect you will be basically be turning this into a OCD situation. Mine was around 450MB just now. After my app deletion test it was 12kB. I don’t know how long it takes to fill again, or what they cap it at (450MB?), so this may be a daily ritual for you if it’s an issue (whether on iOS or Android).

Wow that would be a nightmare having to do everyday. Yep I’m definitely OCD, lol beyond OCD.

No, it appears not to be capped. When I discovered mine, there was something like 8GB. A thread I found on the subject had reports of more than that.

Maybe someone should wishlist an option to disable or cap logging?

So if I delete the app wouldn’t I have to reset everything? Like set up all the cams again and all? I was considering deleting the app to clear this data you all are talking about but want to check in and see what I’m getting myself into. The other day my wife had the idea she wanted to change the name on our WIFI and wow was that a pain. Had to re are up every camera which took a good hour. Some are in between windows that are not easy to access without moving a bunch of crap. That was a nightmare.

Yes, all settings are stored on Wyze cloud servers. Uninstalling and reinstalling the app should be simple. Just don’t mess with your account.

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