Wyze Watch 47 - Raise to Wake stops working and starts working when left on a table overnight

Hi, I bought Wyze watch 47mm 4 days ago. I bought the watch for its looks, to see the time, and raise to wake feature. Its kept on a table most of the day. The raise to wake feature works 80% of the time.

The raise to wake feature works for about 20-30 times and then stops working. This has happened for three days. I can have the watch on all day and it wouldn’t work (tested all-day scenario yesterday otherwise I have kept it on a table for few hours and then tested it). I left the watch on a table overnight and it started working on day 3 and same for day 4. On day 2, I had to reset it and it worked but this too was after leaving the watch on a table overnight but I don’t remember testing it if it had started to work when I left it on the table.

The watch is paired with ios but have the app installed on three devices (Clock on one device is in a different timezone, this device is not the one watch is paired with and is a android device). The app has two other devices on it - cam and robot vacuum. Location set to always and background app refresh enabled for the app. The duration of Raise to wake is set from 1 AM to midnight. Notifications are not enabled. Firmware version - 0.12.28

I really like Wyze devices but this issue is a deal breaker for my usecase. Could this be a hardware issue? I am eligible to return the watch for another 20 days.

Please help.

Your Watch 47 firmware is extremely out-of-date. Firmware version 0.12.43 updated the Raise to Wake algorithm. But you should be running the latest, version 0.12.49.

I have my Watch 47 Raise to Wake scheduled for 9 am to 9 pm and it has no problems working under 0.12.49.

Release Notes & Firmware

To update your firmware: from your phone/tablet, Wyze app Home > your Watch > wait for Bluetooth connection > tap the 3 dots in the upper right on your screen > Firmware Version > Update

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Thanks for responding. The app shows “0.12.28 Your firmware is up to date!”

What about if you check through account > firmware update. Try clearing the app cache in account > app setting and force closing the app. Then check for updates again.

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Also, which Wyze app version are you running?

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Thanks for responding IEatBeans! Its the same with account > firmware update. Cleared app cache and force closed the app. Still shows the same. SS:

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Seapup, Wyze app’s version is 2.33.0 (17)

It looks like there was a problem updating Watch firmware using iOS. I thought Wyze fixed this… maybe not.

Watch Firmware Updates Failing - #42 by PurpleSeagull

Would you happen to have an Android device you could try the update from?

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Yes sir. Android too shows 0.12.28 is the latest.

And the Wyze app version is v2.33.1 (162)

There was an issue with v3s not getting updates earlier, could this be related? @WyzeDesmond do you wanna take a look?

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So the box I got says Wyze 47C. So, I was selecting Wyze 47C. Paired the watch by selecting as a Wyze 47 on an Android device, and on an account that had no devices on it. Showed update in a second.

It looks like I paid for a 47C and got 47. Is there a difference? I can return it and order another one.

This is the seller I got it from - Amazon.ca Seller Profile: Wyze Lifestyle

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There are subtle differences between 47c and 47. But I’m not sure what they are other than 47c has additional straps, colors, watch faces, etc. I’m also not sure if 47c has it’s own firmware from 47. It did at one point a long time ago, but that may have changed. You probably do have a 47c. I don’t think plain 47 is sold anymore. If you loaded 47’s firmware version 0.12.49 on your 47c and everything appear good, including watch faces, you should be good to go now.

Edit: Just found this:

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Looked at the packaging closely just now. It ways “47” on the front, and “47C” on the back.

I do believe with the packaging and monolithic not-even-in-release-notes-version (https://support.wyze.com/hc/en-us/articles/360024852172) of firmware installed that I was handed off an old product. Do you know if anyone posted the packaging of the 47C?

Also a small bug:
Raise to wake is working but the app is letting me select invalid time. Raise to wake didn’t work on selecting this:

It started working when selecting 11:59 PM.

I’m not sure, but I think if you order a black 47c, it’s a 47 because they are the same internally and 47 only comes in black.

I’m not sure what you mean about “invalid time”. 12 pm is noon, so 0100 am to 1200 is 1 in the morning until noon.

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You are right Seapup, that’s not a bug. I don’t know what I was thinking yesterday, maybe because it was too late, I dunno.

Going forward for firmware upgrades and others, should I connect the watch as a 47 or a 47C ?

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Trying to get an answer from Wyze. Conversation is here:

Sure I will take a look. Thanks!


I do have a 47C on hand. On the box it says 47 just like yours. Exactly the same. No worry you definitely have the latest 47C there.

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