Wyze v3 keeps disconnecting (error code 90)

you say you deleted the camera… But did you Unplug it?

yes i unplugged the cam. i fact i unplugged both cams and added them as if they were new cams. one cam continued to work the other would not connect to the network. i then left the house and when i retuned both cams were off line. now i cant get either one to connect. however my V2 cam still works. i also restarted my modem/gateway and tried to reconnect and still no connection.

i don’t know if this had any effect but i changed my gateways supported protocols from g,n to b,g,n and now both V3 cams are on line and connected?

Thank you for sharing your solution.

Regarding “changed my gateways supported protocols from g,n to b,g,n and now both V3 cams are on line and connected”, may I ask where did you change the settings on gateways supported ?

It be in your router or Wi-Fi source settings somewhere, dependant on your manufacture.

I just have a solid red light - no way to re-init the device at all. Tried unplugging it and plugging it in, holding the setup button for 10 secs, 60 secs, firmware flash - everything - just solid red - and like others - this is a v3 - all my others are fine.

also deleted the camera - no way to add it back because it wont setup - that includes plugging/unplugging several times - just solid red

Going through the same process with one of my 3 V3 cams. I also have an original Wyze cam and Wyze Cam Outdoor. Other cams are working fine, other than the code 90 error on the two (that are currently working) which was fixed a week ago by power cycling.

Nothing seems to work with this third one, which had been working fine until recently. My last attempt was to follow the instructions to flash the most current firmware after downloading it to a USB card from my PC. That did not help. I could get through all the setup steps just fine…but the camera couldn’t wouldn’t connect to wifi.

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