Wyze Sprinkler Controller - Outdoor enclosure

Wyze Sprinkler Controller Weatherproof Box


Bought a sprinkler controller today on the Wyze web site, then had to cancel it after I read this forum thread… WHY is Wyze simply not selling the Sprinkler Controller WITH this enclosure?

Aren’t most sprinkler controllers outdoors in the elements?

Before I saw this forum thread, I assumed the unit was weatherproof… how I see I must purchase the Wyze Weatherproof Sprinkler Controller Box separately from the Sprinkler Controller.

Why not bundle the two together as a package in the store as an option, and, if possible, make a a little lower cost for the bundle purchase?


Not having a sprinkler controller myself, I can only guess it is because all sprinkler controllers are not outdoors? Ours at work wasn’t. As for the price, I am guessing Wyze is still cheaper than others if you need this?

Honestly, I have two of the sprinkler controllers. One lives outside in a box and the other lives in my shop. I only need one enclosure. another thing to also keep in mind is that these were released at different times. And the fact that not everyone needed the enclosure. Both products are great and it works wonderfuly

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