Wyze Plug goes offline, will not re-pair

I have a 2021 Wyze plug that was working fine, controllable in the app, etc. Today I noticed the blue light was flashing and it is offline in the app. Unplug, replug, no change. Try to add it back to the app, but blue light continues to flash and the app does not find it. Moved to different location, no change. App says it is on firmware 176. My other plug still works with no issues. All other wifi devices work fine. Suggestions?

No solution yet, but they are working the issue:

Here is one of the beta testers replies to their attempt - this post is 11 days old as of today:

Here is another beta testers reply from 9-days ago:

How many more weeks will it be before we get a fix for our plugs?

Side note: I’ve been waiting since LAST JULY for the v2 cams to actually work with WPA3 security as WYZE states they added this functionality in the July, 2021 firmware! How very disappointing!

I have some older plugs and a couple that were just delivered. All are offline. This is a bummer. I’ve done all of the standard things as well as buy new units.

I had the same problem. Wyze plug went offline. I removed/deleted the plug from app then added it back in by going to same WiFi as the 2.4 on my phone and as the plug-in. I also found out that if you hold the button down on the left side the blue light starts to blink. It then finally paired with my phone after that. Hope this helps you get it fixed.

Thanks for your help. Unfortunately, no go. The blue light flashes quickly constantly on the plug, but when I try to set it up in the Wyze app, after the “plug in your plug” message, I click Next, but nothing happens. The blue light continues to flash. Holding the on-off button in does nothing helpful.

The plugs need a “factory reset” function. Once paired, it seems to be flashed to the wifi parameters originally set. If you move to another SSID it won’t be discovered. In was able to reconnect when I moved it back to my original pairing definition and network.
Maybe I’m missing something but a device factory reset would at least let me reallocate the plug to a new network.

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I am using same SSID, same cell phone as when I originally set it up.

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Agree, a real factory-reset procedure would be useful. The procedure described in the Wyze document does not work on my plug, for which the blue light flashes continuously and it cannot be paired with my phone.

Have you tried removing it from the outlet then trying the factory reset?

Yes, I have unplugged it multiple times, tried different outlets, different phones, held the on/off button in for a full minute, etc, but behavior does not change.

Just to confirm…Bluetooth enabled on the phone? You’re certain that the plugs are V2 not V1? What error message do you get when you try to add the plugs?

yes, BT enabled. yes v2. I get no error msg. I click Next on the add screen {“plug in your plug”} and nothing happens on that screen; it just stays unchanged.

This is what I get if no plug is detected:

I get these screens first:

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SUCCESS!! Thank you for all your help. On a couple of Android phones I never got further than the Plug in your plug screen. I would click Next and nothing happened. HOWEVER, I dragged out an old iPad and was able to set it up the normal way with no problem. I would not have tried that without your engagement. Thanks again!

I struggled with re-setting & re-pairing a Wyze Plug, but this finally worked:

(a) To reset the Wyze device, use the same smartphone/tablet/computer, and the same Wifi network, with which you originally set up the Wyze device. If you used an iPhone to set it up originally, use that same smartphone, set to the same Wifi network, to re-register the Wyze appliance.

(b) Assure that the smartphone will not change Wifi networks during this procedure; for an iPhone, switch off “Auto-Join” for all Wifi networks except for the one to be used for the re-pairing.

(c) In the Wyze app on the iPhone (or other computer), delete the Wyze device from the Wyze app: on the Wyze app Home screen, click on the device to be deleted, then on the gear in the upper right corner, then on Delete Device at the bottom of the Settings page.

(d) Power up/plug in the Wyze device and factory-reset it by pressing and holding the Reset or Setup button.

(e) On the iPhone, go to the Home page and click on the + sign in the top left corner, then Add Device. Proceed to the type of device to be added and follow the prompts on the app. The device should pair and be added.

(f) From the Wyze app Home page, go to Account->Firmware Update and update the device’s firmware if necessary.

(g) To modify the name of the device, on the Home page, click on the device, then on the gear in the upper right corner, then on Name. Modify the name, then click on Save at the bottom of the page.

(g) To change the order in which devices appear on the Home page, click on the pencil (Edit symbol) in the upper right corner of the Home page, then on Edit Devices, Touch the three bars to the right of the device name and drag the device(s) up or down to arrange them in the desired order.

I have to do this step every few days as I have four Wyze plugs and they all go offline one-by-one randomly. This only temporarily fixes the plugs until they go offline again.

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Me too. I have two 2021 plugs. One works fine and consistently, the other exhibits the behavior you describe. I am bored with re-pairing it. I suppose I could try to get it replaced under warranty but it hardly seems worth the time.

Fix for this was just made available for beta testing:

It should hopefully be available to production firmware soon after confirming success with beta testers.

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