Wyze is a Chinese Company ( Discussion Continued)

Maybe not this time. We’ve been asking for Wyze’s position on this vulnerability going on 3 months now. No response at all.


Interesting, it might soon be irrelevant anyway. I can’t speak for Wyze at all, from what I gather online, it sounds like when Wyze switches to WebRTC, they are no longer using TUTK on those cams, so most V2’s and Pan Cams no longer use TUTK? And V3’s, WCO’s & VDB’s should also be switched off TUTK and be on WebRTC soon? I don’t claim to be an expert or have inside knowledge, but that’s what it sounds like from what I’m reading. Apparently they are now using Amazon Kinesis for their video streams (because it supports WebRTC via simple API’s.

So, WebRTC will soon mean the TUTK variable is irrelevant anyway, though it would’ve been nice to get some communication on the concern a few months ago.

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American icon, feet of clay. Given the tone of the times it was an interesting choice.

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Nor any interest from any mods/mavens. Kinda makes it stand out.



The graphic wasn’t necessary. Kind of peevish.

Since an explanation would be good coming from another fellow regular community member, I will defend them a little here.

I think that’s a misunderstanding of the role of the mods/mavens. The mods and mavens are all good people. I like all of them. They make this a great environment and they are very helpful, especially when someone definitely needs something escalated because of a critical support situation beyond what normal support would do. They aren’t Wyze employees though. It is not their place to speak for or represent Wyze or try to tell Wyze what curiosity questions they should answer, particularly on something that they have absolutely no inside knowledge on, such as TUTK. They also rarely speak in threads that aren’t really productive, such as this one unless it is to moderate abuse of the guidelines. They give us a lot of freedom. Honestly as I understand it, their role is simply

  1. Answer general questions about products and services that they have experience or knowledge of (often they quote a source or direct people to the applicable FAQ’s, quotes, threads, etc., or sometimes give their experience or helpful educated personal opinion, or ideas).
  2. Direct the person to Support or somewhere else that can better help the person with getting their needs met (they do a ton of this)
  3. Help make sure the community guidelines are upheld (this encompasses many different options within it, including stopping abuse, but also harmless things like merging duplicate topics or explaining how to better use the forum, etc)
  4. Bring certain significant concerns to the attention of the applicable Wyze staff member, and let that person decide what they are going to do (Mods/Mavens can’t MAKE Wyze do anything).
  5. Be themselves and share and discuss their own preferences and opinions regardless of their title.
  6. Probably a bunch of other things I forgot or don’t even know about because I am not one myself, and so I don’t have any idea what kind of orientation or instructions or additional guidelines they receive from Wyze, but I am sure the idea in general is to do what they can to be as helpful as possible to community members, refer to the correct information, and save Wyze as much time as possible…and bring the absolute most important and critical things to Wyze’s attention. At least all that sounds logical to me with my business experience.

Basically Mods/Mavens are just community members just like us, but they are respected and trusted community members with a lot of experience and knowledge of Wyze who have proven their maturity and integrity patterns over a long period of time, and adherence to tests with NDA’s, etc. Wyze simply trusts them to help keep things organized and civil here while helping out things in a volunteer capacity. Wyze trusts they will bring important or critical things to Wyze’s attention, but leave Wyze to decide what to do about it. It’s not like Wyze is unaware of the TUTK issue and something they need to tell Wyze about. What are they going to say about TUTK? They’re not involved with programming the protocol or know SDK Wyze is using. They may or may not have informed Wyze someone wants an official answer about TUTK vulnerabilities, but if it was so important, why did none of us here or elsewhere or anywhere submit the all important question during any of the “Ask Me ANYTHING” events in the last 3 months while Wyze employees were willing to answer ANYTHING someone had a question about? That’s kind of our fault we let that opportunity slide, not the Mods or Mavens.

We will often find some of them make a comment or two somewhere in a thread like this, but afterward, what is the point in them all repeating themselves and each other? Some of them have told me that they actually read EVERY single post (I am not implying they all do this, but I do know that some of them do), but sometimes it takes them a while to catch up, so it can be helpful when people flag something to bring it to their attention sooner, or so that they’ll pay closer attention. I can almost guarantee you that they are following this thread very closely. Their lack of participation in this thread or the other one in no way means a lack of interest or paying attention. I can’t blame any who choose to ignore posts like this and instead spend most of their time on posts where they can be of more help (replying to people with support questions, etc), but if we’re not discussing products or how to use them, I bet several of them just see no point in actually participating even if/when they read it.

Sometimes they may even know some answers or have some valuable insights to things, but are restricted from discussing it due to NDA’s, some of which are sometimes indirectly related in a vague way. They’ve got a tough job…I have mad respect for them all though…it’s just best if you usually take the perspective that they are not Wyze employees and do not speak for or represent Wyze unless they are telling you specifically that someone from Wyze told them X, Y, or Z, or they are telling actually telling you something Wyze said. You will know when they are speaking for Wyze, or through Wyze. Otherwise they are sharing their extensive knowledge, experience and helpfulness as a long time community member who has proven to be responsible and have integrity during their time here with a good long history…it’s not really their job to join in on a conversation about speculation on TUTK, though I’m confident they’re not forbidden from posting their own musings if they cared to…they just have other stuff they’d rather spend their time talking about I’m betting. They also have widely different interests from each other outside of their mutual Wyze Hobby.

All I’m saying is, their participation or lack their of isn’t a sign of much of anything except that they feel they have nothing further productive to add to the conversation at the moment. That’s really all it means. I’ve sometimes asked some of them if they would refer certain topics up the to chain to Wyze and have been surprised to hear they already had. Sometimes Wyze responds, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes something is too trivial to send up the chain. I’ve come to trust their judgement as being pretty fair, and I know they often consult with each other over various decisions. They even have group channels just for the mods/mavens.

Anyway, Wyze may not want to talk about the specifics of what TUTK SDK version and options they have enabled or not…but since they’ve been doing so many AMA’s lately, if someone reminds me, I have no problem asking them in the next AMA. They answered at least half a dozen of my questions in the last AMA, even about stuff like Hualai. I’ll happily ask them about TUTK and WebRTC in the next one if you or someone will PM or callsign a reminder to me right around that time to remind me.


Hey carver’

There’s a fair bit o’ ‘straw man’ going on in there…

…that said, I’ll see your defense:

and raise ya some raillery:

Managers manage. Customers accustom (themselves.) Or not. Employees employ their best judgment.

Same as it ever was, I guess…

Does Wyze benefit at all by hosting ‘unproductive’ threads?

Magic 8-Ball say: ‘Most likely.’

Member to member:

You are annoying in your way. And I am annoying in my way. But we both bring some value to the forum. Eh? :slight_smile:

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Back to topic, OP @Mashushu is bummin’ me up. What do they think of what they’ve wrought?? Any change of position?

Carver you know I value and respect you, and of course the mods don’t owe us information, but for Wyze themselves to be (apparently?) silent about a threat to a critical part of their service is not excusable. *

I don’t know if using WebRTC completely obviates the need for ThroughTek (something still has to mediate the initial P2P connection) but that’s still moot as many/most/all? Wyze customers still rely on TUTK to view their cameras.

*Maybe they have published something but I am not aware of it.


Thanks buddy, that is fair enough, I guess I was trying to make the point that in general, the mods don’t have responsibility for Wyze’s silence nor get to tell Wyze what to do, so we can’t really assign meaning based on their (mods/mavens) participation rates in a particular thread if they decide or feel they have nothing productive to add to it, and can’t speak for Wyze. I was not particularly addressing whether or not someone from Wyze ideally should have addressed the concern.

I do think it would be prudent for someone from Wyze to at least reassure people that they are aware of the release and provide some information or plans they’ve taken to remain secure. I certainly don’t disagree with that. If I worked for or consulted with Wyze, I would have recommended this.

Yeah, I don’t know if WebRTC changes TUTK need or not, but there was a Twitter thread going on about how Wyze’s WebRTC was replacing TUTK and TUTK wouldn’t be used anymore. I am not saying Twitter is any kind of reliable source :rofl: but my response was in the context of “if this is true, then…”

Thanks @peepeep I apologize if I implied you disliked the mods/mavens, I know you get along well with and respect them. I have seen them all happily interact with and joke around with you and be glad to see you again when you returned from your hiatus. Part of my response was not particularly directed toward as it was in general for other passive thread observers.

Though I have one correction to make in your response, I do not find you annoying. :slight_smile: I actually quite enjoy your playful, whimsical, intelligent, entertaining flavor in the forum. I have thought about asking you questions to know more about you or looking through your profile to pin my finger on things such as demographic information to have a better picture in my head, but I actively decided that I want to leave all that unknown and enjoy the wonderful mystery with you, so please don’t tell me! I love what you bring to the community.

But I do fully concede that I am annoying in my own way :rofl:
Again, apologies if it seemed like I was inferring things I did not mean to…sometimes my responses take into consideration that there are a great many passive observers burglarizing the public discourse :slight_smile: So part of the reason I was more detailed is not because I felt you needed to know, but to make sure others didn’t misunderstand or misjudge the mods/mavens…I did know you like them (and they you) based on past discussions involving them. :wink:

Much Respect.


Well THAT doesn’t bode well…

She doesn’t want to see who’s at the front door, or does she not want anyone ELSE to see who comes and goes.

Don’t mention that to your brother, because doubt, jealousy, and insecurity fester, and then he’ll be spending money on PIs to watch the front of the house. And invariably, someone will just use the back door.

Or did he install it backwards, and it actually sees inside the house? The other alternative is, if it’s installed backwards, it only see the backs of people, and that only goes so far towards recognizing who wasn’t there.

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(post deleted by author)

WYZE is NOT a “Chinese owned” company…

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That was my first thought when I saw the phrase, “new wife” didn’t like the video doorbell…

The “new wife” doesn’t want to get caught cheating while the “new husband” is at work. :sweat_smile:

If WYZE was a Chinese company the AI would be much better :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well at least it’s just a Alexa. She’s by far the stupidest of the AI. She can’t even spell. Google assistant is off on my phone most of the time. I have nothing else, but I love my cameras. I’ve gone outside and far less than my jockeys, if I wore them. I’d hate to think I was giving someone in China a little thrill. Maybe I should tan for them just in case

The AI recognition has definitely gotten better within the last year.

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Ok, a suitable place to put this particular thought.

Regarding the term ‘cheap Chinese junk.’ In common use I don’t find it particularly offensive, it can be an accurate description: low quality, inexpensive stuff manufactured in China.

Do Chinese folks flinch when they hear this term? I don’t know.

Of course, the Chinese have a reputation for being skillful engineers. They do big things over long time frames. Some large percentage of Chinese government leadership have a background in engineering, from what I understand. They compare favorably in collective IQ.

Everyone knows that US producers (at least) have outsourced manufacturing to China for quite some time now. They contract with Chinese industry to produce ‘cheap junk’ for sale in the US. They also contract with them to produce state-of-the-art stuff.

So, be careful what you ask for, you just might get it. Then bitch about it. Forever. :wink:


Cheap stuff…Yes…and also Excellent workmanship. Look at some of your HiEnd Audio Companies that use China for it’s production (McIntosh, Monitor Audio, I can go on). Even Mr. Wonderful uses China to produce 'Low Cost" products when he teams up with Shark Tank entrepreneurs (one of the first question he asks). It boils down to this with China manufacturing…Cheap Labor Costs, Working Conditions and Political Persecutions that is attached to China (CCP) and Not the working people.


+1 The new Apple iMac is made in China (and was shipped directly from there) and the workmanship is absolutely first class in every aspect.