Wyze cam what is it good for?

I have three cams. (Battery optimization off). Looking at a cam live I get 1-2 second delay. Motion detection feeds take about 3 minutes. Was too long to prevent a package thief. I’ll probably just get cams from another company for areas that need quick notify.

If you’re leaving, it sounds like your phone is transitioning from WIFI to cellular. Best bet would be to turn off WiFi a few minutes before you leave and try the test again. I get the notification my wyze cam, motion sensor, AND door sensor almost immediately, but at that point I’m still in range of WiFi. Try trouble shooting before you just jump on Wyze.

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I agree my notifications come almost instantly. A room will clear and I monitor it sometimes just a check, and 1 to 3 seconds later I get a notification

in ham radio they use teamspeak to listen on the web. If I list to the repeater direct and listen to TeamSpeak at the same time. It is 1 or 2 or 3 sec delay in talking. I have done it to local tv and on line it the same thing.

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