Wyze cam V3 stuck on solid red light

Ok maybe it was a fluke or code-18 on my part…

For everyone else I would STRONGLY suggest you do a backup of your .product_config while your cam v3 are still working!!!

All you need to do is to replace the IIW command :

ls -la /configs/ > /opt/lsinfo.txt


cp /configs/.product_config /opt/.product_config

That way [Mod Edit] you will be able to recover by restoring your backup “.product_config” file by using the following command (if you have saved your “.product_config” backup file on the root of the SD card) :

chmod 777 /configs/.product_config
cp /opt/.product_config /configs/.product_config

This will avoid you having to setup WSL in Windows or any other Linux flavour thsat is out there and jumping through Linux hoops using Jefferson just to attempt to recover from a deleted file.

With that kind of backup I feel safe going all out updating all my cams.

MOD NOTE: Post edited to conform to the Community Guidelines.