Wyze app for Windows

I was curious is there is any intent to support a windows app to control wyze bulbs

Welcome to the forum @evan8123.

To the best of my knowledge there is no Windows app being developed.
There is a wishlist item here, give it a vote for you support.

An aleternative solution. If you use Alexa, there is a windows install that turns your pc into a quasi echo device.

Once your Wyze account is linked with Alexa (done in the Alexa mobile app) you can control your Wyze bulbs from the PC using the Alexa app.

Please note that note all Wyze devices are supported on the PC Alexa app, but the bulbs are.

You can also get the iOS app to run on many Macs and the Android app to run on many Win10 and Win11 installations, with a little effort.

If you have Android, this may be one solution.
“ Use apps from your Android device on your PC”