Why was Android hardware decoding removed?

I really don’t think he was trying to be. Just very detailed. :slight_smile:

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Then the “comprende” was not needed.

Sorry that you can’t take free help and clarification intended as much for others reading along and felt a need to go find offense when none was given. It’s not all about you but helping the scores of others who follow these threads and often lack much technical insight or even have familiarity with the “lingua franca” and technical jargon. Maybe just presume instead that if I had intended to be offensive I’d have been much more direct [MOD EDIT].

Like data transmission lag and communication packet-loss that’s a loss of time and life I’ll never get back. It’s my free community service hobby - no need to presume the worst to insult my free charity contributions. Wyzen up… :wink:

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Hi everyone, for those of you still having video lagging issue, I want to ask you a favor and invite you to test an Android app V2.6.371. It has a toggle to switch between software and hardware decoders on livestream page. We also added more rendering logs if you send us an app log. If you decide to test the app, please let me know if the issue persists on hardware decoder and submit app logs to us.
How do I send app logs?
Android V2.6.371 Download link


Hey, folks!

I’m opening this topic again. But please remember to be kind to your fellow community member. Sometimes misunderstandings happen (especially with a text-based communication format). If you think that someone is being a jerk to you, please feel welcome to get mod attention so we can lend a hand. A lot of the time, these things are just communication errors.

Back to the main topic, please let us know if the app version WyzeLi shared helps!


I don’t see how to set hardware decoding in livestream screen in V2.6.371.

It’s has been removed for a long time, I forgot its original menu location :grin:

Or do I have to update firmware? I’m trying not to, given today’s failure reports.

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Look at the upper part of the “live view” screen I assumed it’s the box after the box that sets resolution. It used to be under Account I think.
didn’t you read the manual :slight_smile:

@UserCustomerGwen, @WyzeLi - .371 seemed about the same (testing results in Restore hardware acceleration on android - #41 by gemniii
) on my Samsung J3 w/ Android 7.1.1, 16MB memory, about 1GB “free”, fast internal internet.
But what other changes are there that we can stumble across and mess up?

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WARNING sucks up data

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I am having the same freezing issue on my moto 5e play running Android 8. It just loads the live feed them freezes. I had to go back to an older version with hardware encoding.
Please put it back in.

Kudos to Wyze for continuing to address this issue. It’s a practical impossibility to please everyone in this fluxy, device-diverse space but Wyze does try.

I believe their concern for customers is genuine.


Would you mind sending an app log to us please?


I’m sorry, @gemniii. I don’t really know much about this update other than it being pretty early stage and having hardware decoding. To my knowledge, it’s pretty much designed to just test the one thing. But I hear we’re looking into the data issue.


I agree. I do not like the light colors. Supposedly, they are working on a “dark mode.” Of course, I will not be able to use it, if they don’t bring back hardware decoding.

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Enough of this. I think we have had enough talk from wyze on this subject! How about less talk and more effort? Seems to me the problems should have been solved long ago. Just saying.

Wyze has people for talking and people for coding.
One doesn’t affect the other. :smile: