What is up with the data breach?

Only each time you log in. Not each time you open the app.

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Once you log in, I believe it would be the API key that would keep you going until you login again and get prompted for the 2FA.

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So simply looking at my cameras I don’t have to use the number?

You only have to use it when you log in. If you don’t normally need to log in every time you open the app, that means you wouldn’t have to verify the number every time either. :slight_smile:

I have the same issue :frowning: invalid phone number, this just happens I was watching my cameras a few hours ago, and suddenly this happens. My wife doesn’t have the two factor auth and she still can log in.

More info


Thank you… I’ll enable 2FA…although what’s’ weird is right now I keep getting more numbers and I’m not requesting them plus I don’t have 2FA enables…lol.

Not saying this isn’t real, but because “you said so” is laughable. You’re the only poster on here saying this is real. I’m sure you’re part of whatever this mess is.

That’s great, but I’d like to know WHY I cannot control my cameras right now. It seems WYZE has locked all users out. Why and when can I gain access to my cameras again?

No not everyone, only those with 2FA and are trying to log in after the 2FA servers were swamped.

They refreshed all login tokens globally, as a precautionary measure. See here for the latest official updates


Thanks for posting such a detailed response and keeping us up to date. I hope the 2FA issue calms down for you soon and you get to the bottom of what prompted this scare.

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When will we be able to log in? Is the “invalid phone number” going to be fixed?!

Read the post

It explains that as a precaution Wyze logged everyone out & forced new api keys. The login servers are being overloaded by 2 million users trying to set new password.


I was just signed out of my account… had to change my password to get back into it… Sure hope this is just a joke and not a real hack…

As a security precaution they reset all the login tokens. Further info can be found below


FWIW … regardless of Wyze actions, this still feels a bit “leaky.” I’ve disabled all my cameras, as in powered them down. Time to re-evaluate.

I don’t recall having that setup on my account and I cannot log in at this time. “Please enter a valid number” error even after resetting my password.

Info can be found below, but the cause is everyone trying to log in since the log in tokens were reset

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