View playback fast forward

Can we have a developer develop fast forward when viewing Playback on your SD card? This will help a lot of people that just want to view what happened for that day and don’t want to sit around eight hours watching a video. Can some one pass it along to the Developers?


@top Welcome to the community! This feature has already been requested. Please join the existing discussion using the link below. You can also vote for this feature request at the top-left of the thread.


I see the discussion but it was from last November any updates on this issue? Edit: Wow from 2018.

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If you look at the top of the wish, this one is labeled “maybe later”. That means that this wish was acknowledged but placed on the back burner. Other tags you would see are researching, developing, launched. Those tags are added by Wyze staff to let us folks know the status. You can change your notification settings to "watch’ at the bottom in the post to be notified of any changes down the road. This one has a bunch of votes so I’d hope it’s be in the radar eventually, dependant on engineering and developer of course.

To quote the Maven:

And you can select 2x or 4x speeds.

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