Upgrade to 2.11.41 is a Mess!

I appreciate the feedback and efforts to help but it is still a mess. I cannot fathom a company releasing such an update without detained explanation of the changes. For the first time I am very disappointed in Wyze.

The operation of the cameras has not changed.

Yep! Some bug fixes but biggest change is the look of the event tab.

Wyze has never provided detailed release notes. They have always been shall we say, minimalistic? Unfortunately that appears to be the trend now. Documentation is sadly an after thought at most companies.

I suspect this situation will get worse over time. But I guess it’s all in the name of progress.

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Actually I think it’s more representative of the company that doesn’t have the experience in marketing their product in such a way as to make users happy with the end result

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I have upgraded to that version and I have no issues with it.
Why do you say it " is a mess "
what you have posted doesnt indicate what the mess is for us.
Is it possible that it is Iphone oriented vs widespread android etc.

a single issue does not a mess make!

The “mess” is that the app has changed substantially and no information provided as to how to use it. For example, when I tap Events I get the message “Nothing to see here” followed by "Once you connect a camera, you will be able to find events here.” The only “connect a camera” heretofore ever mentioned is to connect a new camera to the app. Obviously that can’t be what is meant here. So I started poking around. I tapped the pencil and was given three options, Cancel, Unselect All or Delete. If I tap Cancel it returns me to the previous window. If I tap Unselect All nothing happens. If I select Delete nothing happens. If I have events and delete them they do not delete! I found out from another post that if you swipe downward on the window they will then delete! I cannot find my way around this app unlike its prior iteration and without clear instructions the task is going to be unnecessarily laborious. That is why I say the app is “a mess”. Is there a way to return to the previous app?


The connect a camera message is the default message when there are no events to display. It means exactly what you thought, it is suggesting you connect a new camera. Poorly worded and probably not the most clearly worded.

The entire events tab has been rebuilt and has a new design. That’s why you are probably seeing some clunky less than perfect behavior. Most of the changes are cosmetic however. Very little has changed in terms of functionality. At least from the users perspective.

I do agree documentation would be nice but there never has been any comprehensive documentation. What exists has kind of organically grown over time.

Your description is a bit confusing.
You say there are no Events shown yet you’ve deleted Events?

Pulling down from the top doesn’t complete the deletion of Events, it refreshes the screen. This is a common Android app function. We should not have to refresh the screen in this type of app though. Refreshing should be automatic after deteting files. I suspect it isn’t documented because it’s a bug.

After having read your post, it got me to thinking almost every application I’ve downloaded whether it be cameras, games whatever have had an associated manual of operation or a users manual that can be downloaded.

Perhaps it would be in Wyze’s best interest to hire someone to compile a users manual and then have it available For download


:joy: yer killin me man. These things do not make the app “a mess” just bc you’re confused. I get it. It works fine for me. Seems you’re being a tad dramatic. Just sayin.

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@basicbeat, @drwgm, you two play nice, put yourself in the other’s shoes.

@basicbeat, @drwgm is a regular person, I know a lot of them, they feel just like them.

@drwgm, @basicbeat is a “compound nerd” - check their profile. I know a few of them, too. They used to just say RTMF, and go about their bidnis. Now they laugh in your face, because, y’know, they’re “good natured.” :wink:

I wasn’t clear regarding events. Sometimes I find an event as a blind squirrel finds a nut! When I do I do not have mastery of the process to manage them as I did previously.

I appreciate the feedback from all but my opinion of the app is that it was better left alone.

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Perhaps you would explain step-wise how to use the new and improved Events feature?

(I can hear them writing the effing manual as we “speak.” It’s LOUD from where I’m sitting - but I may be closer to them than you. :wink: )

My comments were intended to be constructive. I did very well with the previous app. This one…the changes appear to add no value. Instead, I see an unnecessary new layer of confusion.

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:rofl::rofl::rofl: Hilarious! Love that! Maybe “polynerd”…? :thinking: I’ma update my profile. (Note: not sarcasm, seriously that’s funny stuff :+1:t2:)

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It’s RTFM . In this case there is no FM.:slightly_smiling_face: