SD Card not being Recognized after 1 month

Hi recently got 5 WYZE Cam’s (V2) for my house and everything was going fine… After 10 days, 2 camera’s stopped reading the SD Card… I tried to format the card, tired on my phone (It worked), tried on other WYZE Cam’s (It worked) which clearly indicated that the 2 camera’s were flawed. I was lucky it was within one month, I could return it back to Amazon.

Now just over a month, the 3rd camera stopped recognizing the SD Card… and this horrible. You cant have your products falter like this.

I have been using SanDik 32 GB, Class 10 brand new SD Cards.

I have tried all the measures, restart device, delete device, add once again, Format SD Card… everything… everything… Now what is the way forward? Can I ask for a replacement? Can I ask for refund? I have sent an email as well to Wyze Team. (Waiting to hear back from them)

Please advice experts on how to go about it…

Hello @yasser.paloba and welcome to the community, I am sorry to hear you are having troubles, the only thing I can think of on the SD cards is are they High Endurance cards. I am definitely not an expert when it come to SD cards and so far I have not had any issues with mine. I can see if @Bam
can chime in because I believe he has tried to help more with card issues and knows a lot more about them than me.

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@WyzeJasonJ Thank you so much for reply. Yes I am new to the community… I would really like to get any help on SD Cam issue. I would like to ask another question… initially, regular SD Card worked fine… (SanDisk, Class 10, 32 GB) and after a few days, they stopped being recognized. So if I buy an endurance SD card, will the camera start read and record content on the new Endurance SD cards? Or is that the SD Card slot is gone bad?

Thanks once again

Assuming that the cam is fine, putting in a new SD card will start recording content, but I am unsure if it is an SD card issue or a cam issue.

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Yeah, thats the issue… I wonder if Wyze Team is addressing this… otherwise their products will start looking their advantage!

hello all. I was summoned :slight_smile:
in reading that you had a sandisk. the card is my first guess as the issue. sadly these cards are not meant for this type of application although that was a faster fail then any I have read before.

i think the endurance card is your best bet and I have NOT HEARD OF ONE CARD FAILING for anyone using endurance cards.

I cant say for sure but I actually dont think that there is anything with the wyze cams making these cards fail. the common denominator is more than anything else the card types. its like using the wrong tool for a job and blaming whatever you are working on for ruining the tool.

as far as what card to use, give this a read.

you will see occasionally someone is using sandisk without incident, but they are small in number compared to the sandisk failures.

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To make sure my camera will read right, I asked they sell one. No problems since. I did have to lower some to record at 360 due to dead spots. Sorry this is happening. I had one camera to do this but it was the first one ever. I backed Wyze a long time ago.

Does the card fail to format in the camera?

Remove card and format on a PC then return card to camera

I have had my Wyze brand SD cards get corrupted files then the SD card doesn’t work correctly if at all.

Formatting fixed the issues on my cameras, until next time it happens…

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