Receiving notification for camera I don't have 2020-06-04

This morning I woke to notifications on my phone from my Wyze cam. Yet, they were notifications from a camera named Fedler Family. A camera not associated or shared with me. While this is concerning, I don’t have access to view their cameras, but as of now I am still receiving their notifications. On a good note, it’s person detection that appears to be working for them. :smile:

One can only hope they have quickly rolled back whatever undertested change they implemented last night.

We are being told that the issue has been corrected. An official statement from Wyze coming soon.


When I got a “Driveway” notification, I thought I had gotten the Wyze Outdoor Cam overnight magically installed pointing to my driveway :rofl:

Definitely not the case.

I have the Wyze app installed on 3 iOS devices, 2 phones and an iPad. All 3 are logged into the same account to control and monitor our cameras and sensors. We have the latest version of the Wyze app installed.

This morning, one of our phones started getting bogus and offensive notifications from the Wyze app on one phone. They were motion event notifications from cameras that was not ours and there were offensive tags and phrases in the notification. The other two iOS devices did not receive the notifications.

We received about 4 of these in a short span of time before I manually killed the app on that phone and have not restarted it since. Has anyone else experienced this?

Yes, see the forum. Reportedly fixed. I really doubt it’s a malicious hack so much as a poorly implemented production change.

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We’re the offensive tags and phrases someone’s camera names? Do you have any screen shots that you could PM? I’d say don’t post them in this forum thread though if they are offensive. According to the mods the issue should be fixed.

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Assuming this was a relatively randomly selecting bug, I wouldn’t worry that other individual Wyze users happened to have chosen “offensive” names for their own devices.

I can only assume this is related, but both I and my wife woke up to multiple notifications that a person was detected on the “Living Room Camera”. When we touch a notification, a still graphic appears, and no playback is possible.

The problem is that we have no living room camera. Furthermore, we don’t have the paid add on for person detection. My wife found this event particularly troubling. She already has concerns about this technology. I’d really like to know why this happened myself.

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No that’s a new major issue that started today.

Person detection is not an addon, it’s free.
Person detection in someone elses house is a new feature. :slightly_smiling_face:


This is a big issue. Have been having same thing happen to me. Hopefully it gets fixed. @Loki you said statement from Wyze coming soon? Email? When might we see it?

I was pretty sure that’s what happened but wanted to make sure. Just someone being “creative” with their cam name.

I am beginning to wonder if there is actually more going on behind the scenes That users are unaware of ex. Alexa listening all the time. I have experienced (on Wyze gear) software and hardware changes that happened without my knowledge. This is a product that comes from a country that I trust about as far as I could physically throw my car.

Any and all digital/electronic devices, even many appliances come with intrusion capabilities that are not advertised.

In this digital world that we live in being surveilled seems to be normal…
Think of George Orwells “1984”… It’s happening. Technology buffs ‘Buyer beware’.

Perhaps. Seems odd that all of the notifications were from different cameras and all were offensive. It also seems odd that only 1 out of 3 devices got the notifications. I’ve restarted the Wyze app on the iphone that got the messages to see if we get any more. I don’t have screen shots of the previous messages.

The notifications emanate from Wyze’s servers as communicated to your app (which of course maintains that connection). It would have nearly nothing to do with the camera/device or with anything else listening. Skepticism is always warranted, but so is understanding.

And of course changes like this happen all the time without our knowledge. These “cloud” servers are someone else’s remote servers running their own code, and we typically allow automated updates to their apps on our phones et al. It’s not all mysterious.

In Mr. Ed’s case I’d bet that one particular customer with “creative” device names happened to get all their household alerts mis-forwarded to Mr. Ed.

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Your reply has merit, but having an IT background gives me grounds to have suspicions and the situations I pointed out Are real and do exist… I just want people to be aware that their privacy is an assumed state rather than a guaranteed one.

Also having an IT background I have doubts that foreign spys would make this many mistakes. :slightly_smiling_face:

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When!? A statement should have been out hours ago now!

The quality and security has been tumbling down the last year. Maybe you should pause launch of new products, and get your house in order, before taking on more.