Painting V2 housing

Would like to see a picture.

Sure, here it is.


Nicely done.
Thank you.

Instead of painting, I stuck some adhesive felt paper from the arts and crafts store, cut it to size, cut a hole, then put it on the front of the camera. I left the paper very wide, as I was getting reflections from the back of my window shade… so this extension helped block that too. The nice thing about felt paper is that it’s not reflective like paint can be.

Note, for the hole I folded the felt in half, then cut a triangle, hence the diamond-shaped hole… easier than trying to cut a circle!


Adhesive felt is a good idea. I like the diamond shaped hole . Any glint from the lens face passing thru the diamond shaped hole wouldn’t be associated with a camera. Perhaps triangular, irregular or even fuzzy shapes would be be effective?
Victor Maletic

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I used black electrical tape to murder out / water-resist my v1 wyzecam. Doesn’t look great at all,… especially compared to the dipped one. Need to take it apart and figure out bare minimum to mask (lens, mic, and top LED?).

Get some black acrylic paint and set of artist brushes from a discount arts and crafts store and paint it. That’s what I did but a light brown

The plastic sandwich bag and rubber band option is always available for free

Saran-cam! They had a video on that, lol.

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I just covered all ports and ventilation holes with masking tape (and left the protective lense film on) then lightly spray painted with flat black. After paint dried I removed the tape and lense film and touched up unpainted areas with black magic marker. Did the same with usb power supply and cord. Easy to do and cameras work just fine.

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Primer is a good idea, but my suggestion is to rub down the surface with vinegar. Since it’s an acid smooth surfaces become etched. That being said keep it away from the lens .


I have a cam that I needed “hidden” as the white stuck out like a sore thumb. Painted it flat black and you wouldn’t even have a clue that its there now. Did the 50cent piece trick for the lens and hot glue for the lower “sensor” to keep them covered

I painted my outside cams in black.
I didn’t use primmer. Just some cleaning alcohol on the plastic case before painting (spraypaint, I didn’t bother myself with paint gun for this small device).

Here is the black vs white contest.

For proper work I opened the cam (two screws on the back), Then I gently pull apart the back cover, then unplugged the WiFi antenna (tiny U.FL model), Next step, there is a single black screw that hold everything together inside.
Finally, just pop off the glass cover and the small black plastic dot. Few pins to pry.

After, it is a breeze to paint it.

Reassembled them, camera work OK, and I got a nice black camera that I installed in a black silicon housing.

I used a piece of black vinyl Contact Paper and its has weathered a couple of New England winters.

For myself I used a black sharpie. Fast to apply and looks great.


I just taped up the black parts on the front and over the USB port on the back pulled up the stand and stuck it to the bottom of a steel can (bucket) using its magnet then sprayed a light coat of flat black on it.

This worked perfectly and all systems work as before.

It took less than a hour including paint dry time with no risk of open case. All 6 sides and stand are painted except the bottom of the stand of course as it was on the can.

I used “Rustoleum” paint from WalMart as it claimed good adhesion to plastic. It bonded very well.


How did you cover the lense and the mic while painting?

Some masking tape/painter’s tape

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I took the whole thing apart.

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I’m not a complete idiot but i’ve never taken apart such a gadget before neither. So do you think it is easy enough to give it a try or should I stick to body painting only?