Painting V2 housing

Has anyone removed inside of a V2 so housing can be painted?

there is a better way…

amazon has many covers, skins, housings and accessories.
silicone skins, and decal skins, and PCV plastic housings…


I only masked and temporarily took off the stand:

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There are several Youtube videos of removing the “guts” of a " Xiaomi" (sp?).
I’m interested also because I’d like to swap lenses.

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Great suggestion! Thanks much.

Thanks, hadn’t seen before. Easier solution for sure. Hopefully they fit without a lot of trimming. Hard to say from web site and no one has yet to post.

Nine dollars for a piece of vinyl and three dollars to ship in order to wrap a two inch square item? I think not. Obvious price gouging going on there. WYZE buyers are WYZE buyers because they understand value. This option exhibits the polar opposite.

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On the other hand, a $6 can of Plastic Dip not only covers better with a less-reflective black, but you can probably paint 30 or more cams with one can. And the covering is just as removable.


I will be doing this very soon and will post results. Debating about the paint colour and finish at this point.

I just took a black magic marker and went to town. Hard to see…

Finished it.


Looks sweet. Looks like you went the permanent route.

Looks good. I painted mine with $1.37 bottle of acrylic paint and $3.39 package of small paint brushes from Hobby Lobby. They have a great selection of acrylic colors.

I did mine with a $6 can of Plasti Dip that is very light-absorbing and temporary, in case I ever need to return the cam.

I did go permanent. I don’t have any warranty with Wyze due to being in Canada so once the purchase protection from Amazon disappeared, the paint job came calling.

Painting the base was the longest part. I must have sprayed it about 5 times in different orientations to cover.

I also put on about 3 coats on the main housing, as it is placed by a window and will receive the sun often. Hoping this will help with fading.

Took longer than it should have, due to being very humid here. Longer drying times.


I have a factory black cam and yours looks exactly the same! Good job!

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I’m thinking of using a coat of primer under the same color as the house.

No reason won’t work. Light tannish acrylic I used spread easily and covered one coat. I used artist, detail brushes which keep bristles contained avoiding smear on the lens. Less than $4 @ Walmart. Big question will be AZ summer temps although shaded, no direct sun. Read another post from TX where temps exposed to was 113.


When spray painting my cameras flat black, a US fifty cent coin is an excelant mask for the lense and mike hole. Don’t spary too close and the coin will stay put with only it’s weight. Of course I am spraying it face-up when using the coin mask.


I just 3D printed a housing then covered that with camouflage tape.