Outdoor V2 Can't Connect, But Creates Events

On one of my Outdoor V2s I can’t connect in the app.

However, it still creates events.

I’ve power re-cycled it too many times to count.

I’ve shut down the app, but not signed out, multiple times.

It won’t even let me DELETE (!) the camera within the app, in order to start over.


The app is failing to update the clients list and events.

Any ideas?

Have you tried powercycling the base station?

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Yes, twice.

And I put it near the router too

The base says it’s connect to the camera

What is “clients list”?

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The main screen that shows all of the cameras (clients)

If the cam is recording events, it has power, is connected to the base station and has no problem uploading to the cloud. That leaves the connection between phone and cam for live streaming. Try rebooting your phone/tablet. Have you tried accessing the cam from a different viewing device?


I did everything but restart my phone lol

It’s working now.

Is there a way to have what’s in the app on my PC?

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Not sure what you’re asking here.

Everything I can do on the “app” be done with an “application” for Windows

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No, there is no app for Windows. Only web access (Wyze Web View) from a web browser on your PC and the cams must be subscribed to Cam Plus and the functionality is limited, including not being able to access battery-powered Cam Outdoor v1 & v2.

You can vote for a Windows app, but development is unlikely.

There are several other methods for PC viewing of cams, but all are somewhat complicated and all have cons. If you’re running Windows 11 and have the horsepower to drive multicam streaming, you can also load Windows Subsystem for Android and run the Wyze app.

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Perhaps one day, eh?

I hate cell phones lol

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Me too and rarely even carry one around. :grin:

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