On-camera backup power supply/battery

New product suggestion
Create an “on the camera” UPS (Uninterruptable power supply)
Something like your new Wyze Sense Bridge that can be plugged into the back of the camera to allow it to run for maybe a couple hours when power is off.

This would enhance security systems.

Assuming someone installed multiple camera’s around their house and they all had MicroSD cards in them.

A thief approaches house and cuts the power off outside. Without a UPS on each camera they all stop working! Maybe you have video of them cutting the power but not breaking and entering.
But… if each camera had battery back up they could continue to record for a couple hours with the power off. So now a thief would have to find every camera and pull the micro SD cards to eliminate the video recording of their actions.

Ooooh, I love it!!

There’s a similar topic in #wishlist: Rechargeable backup battery for power outage. But I’ve kept this one separate because it’s suggesting a battery that plugs into the existing USB port.

And guess what? It may not even need and hardware or firmware changes in the camera. I did a little test and I’m able to power a stock V2 using the USB-A port instead of the microUSB. We already know that the USB-A port can supply power (for daisy chaining). So if the battery device were smart enough to charge when power is available and supply power when none is sensed coming in, the camera wouldn’t even need to “know” about it.

My only hesitation would be how much battery power could fit in the form factor. But if the device were the same profile as the Sense Bridge but maybe an inch thick, I think it could possibly provide enough power to at least get you through a short outage.

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Great idea :bulb:

I’ve been running a Sony Power Bank (10AH) hooked to the mains with a V2 cam hooked to it. That’s my $16 solution. The powerbank runs the V2 for about 20 hours when unplugged from the mains.


you are already implementing the idea that popped into my head

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I’m new to Wyze cam, so forgive me for the question.
Will the cameras continue to record without WiFi, but if there is an SD card present? Is wifi only needed for the setup, and then from that point on, it will record to an SD card?

I would rather the wyzecam to keep its small form factor, over an on-camera backup power supply.

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For others interested in this technique, note that some USB power banks don’t support this mode of operation. For example, Anker. When I plug a mains charger into my various Anker battery packs, they shut off the 5VDC output. Anker tech support told me that this is by design. Other manufacturers have a more flexible design that will continue to output regulated 5VDC supply even while under charge.

I assembled my own backup power supplies, but they’re a black box type unit in line with the power cord and not actually attached to the camera. Using common battery banks usually isn’t the best solution because most drop power when switching from mains to battery and back.

Instead I used a 5 volt UPS board available on Amazon, and an 18650 rechargeable Li-Ion battery. Can theoretically provide 8-10 hours of backup depending on battery used. I also have a couple of cameras powered by the same full size UPS that powers my wifi router and other essential equipment.


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Yes, UPS systems for cameras would be huge