New Version 2.0 of the Wyze Cam App

I have not found a way to up date my Wyze App Version 1.5.8 to the Version 2.0 App.

Why bother? You can see the BambiCam videos in the Captured on Wyze section here. Want to buy more cameras? Did you have problems buying what you have? Those are the features added to v2.0.

Expecting any of those things you voted on in Roadmap to get resolved? Nope. BambiCam and buy more stuff were the priorities.

I agree that those two “features” are more of an annoyance then a step forward, but the per camera notifications option was something that was asked for in the roadmap. The interface has also changed somewhat dramatically (and I like it better personally). If Wyze could just add an option to hide the two new “features” that you refer to above, then this update could be considered progress.

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The amount of resources spent adding those two “features” could have solved a lot of issues with the app. Priorities, is my main point. I’m not saying “some” progress wasn’t made, but the focus is pretty clear and those two “features” were nowhere on the Roadmap of user issues. And I agree, hiding them would be progress. Let’s not forget, along with those “features” will be problems that will need to be solved and I bet they, being marketing tools, will take priority over functionality, again.

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Hi Overwatch, thanks again for the feedback. Also gave some insights here: Include alert types or levels - #18 by CaptainMark