I have a Pan with the the latest rtsp firmware. I am now getting the annoying clicking sound at the beginning of all recordings. Chris1 mentioned having the same problem, he went back to RTSP FW ( and the audio is now working just fine.
I have be in touch with Netcam, trying to solve this.
I have searched but I cannot find ANY old beta rtsp firmwares
Netcam Studio has an excellent interface and works fine in windows 10

I’ve uploaded and shared it for download.


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Thank you very much

Thank you again NO ANNOYING NOISE!
I now need the old V2 Rtsp firmware
Netcam Studio works very well on windows Pc and stores All recorded video

WYZE can you look into this firmware issue On RTSP as the older firmware has a problem with Lag

Can you repost this please to download?

See this page for wyze user for rtsp firmware Wyze has removed download links for firmware
I am not too happy with Wyze too many products that are always having problems.
You may need a reddit account

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