Mozilla IOT gateway

Sunrise and Sunset needs to be part of configuration, somehow. Mozilla has some smart hub shareware that’s compatible with raspberry pi, among others, and It does processing locally. There’s a date/time add-on that’s configurable with longitude and latitude so at sunset everyday my living room lights some on. Sounds simple, but I like it.
Ifttt is so laggy that some routines seem more for show than function. My front door contacts open, I’m looking out the door in the dark waiting for the porch light. Looking at someone on my porch? Oh damn. My wife says she can just turn the light on quicker. She’s right.
Having my porch light come on during the day seems just as bad. But if I ran it through my rpi mozilla gateway it would only come on at night. Two conditions. The trigger and if it’s after sunset! And without waiting on the ifttt lag time.
I want Mozilla to have the Wyze “stuff” so I can have stuff work.

There’s a lot to unpack in your post, but if you’re looking for the ability to trigger Wyze actions based on sunrise/sunset, you can vote for that here:

Hi Loki,

Thanks for the response. I voted for the sunrise/sunset thing. Sadly IFTTT only supports one if trigger, and not 2 or more conditions to go to that. So if I want the porch light to come on * if* it’s after sunset and the wyze contact is open then turn on porch light, IFTTT won’t do it. But wyse is good stuff and hopefully in the future will integrate into more stuff, like Mozilla IOT gateway!!

Thanks again.