Motion detection timeout

I found two older post that talked about and suggested this resolution. Is this something I can do in setting to help eliminate false triggers. Set a timer for the camera after motion is detected before triggering an event. This would solve all of my issues. Seems like a very common sense resolution.

Welcome to the community @Goway1234 . I am a community member like you and try to help when I can.

Can you provide a few bits of information?

  • What Camera are you using?
  • Do you Have CamPlus?
  • What are your detection settings and sensitivity?
  • can you put a link to the post you found?

I don’t believe wha is described will alleviate False positives. I would adjust the angle of the Camera and/or adjust the sensitivity. if you are not subscribed to CamPlus, you could to only be notified of AI events, like Person, Pet, Package, etc.

I completely disagree. This is a much requested feature for several years.

LOL. I read it as if there was an option today, which there is not. My Bad. :slight_smile:

After looking at the link, thanks by the way, I can see how this would work. But there is currently no option for this feature. However, I have been working with Wyze a bit on another issue and they explained that it actually does wait for a short period of time before it switches to all motion. They are also working on the new AI processing which may include this feature.

Again, thanks for the link and the ocrrection. @Goway1234 , I stand corrected :). The link clarified what you were talking about. Apologies on misreading it and taking it as if it was available now.

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