Lights turning on trigger motion event

I have my Wyzecam V2 looking out a window to the approach to our front door. At night, neighbours outside lights coming on, or the spill from passing car headlights (actual car passing is not visible) triggers an event and 12sec recording. Is this normal? Can it be desensitised?

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Yes, it’s normal. The motion detection is based on the amount of pixel change in the live image. You can adjust the sensitivity in the camera’s settings, but that’s probably not going to help much with headlights that sweep the entire field. You can also set a detection zone which may allow you to exclude the area that the headlights and neighbor’s lights.

Here’s more on motion detection:

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Not sure about the neighbor’s lights, but I’ve found flooding the zone with separate IR lights helps headlights blend in and not trigger Events. It also helps identify actual movement as well as overall better image quality.

I had this problem before but I changed the detection zone to include only from the edge of my yard / end of driveway then the road or neighbors light across the street won’t trigger anything anymore.