Latest firmware update killed my V3 cam

So I took what you wrote and was able to figure it out…for others who may not know what SeaStream is saying, here is what I/we did -

The SD card was formatted at exFAT by default (due to the large capacity and file format limits). The format needed to be changed to FAT32 to make the firmware recovery work.

In my v3 cam, here is what I did -

  1. Pulled SD card from camera.
  2. Plugged into my Win10 computer.
  3. Opened Disk Management (click start and type disk management, it should come up)
  4. Deleted the partitions on the SD card. Make sure you are deleting the card and not some other drive in your computer.
  5. Created a new partition on my now empty drive - Right click on the blank space, new partition, set to 100mb, set the format to FAT32.
  6. Follow the instructions here -
  7. Once the camera did its thing, I pulled the card again.
  8. Placed the card in the Win10 PC.
  9. Used the SD Card formatter tool to re-format the card.
  10. Installed in camera.
    • For good measure, formatted the SD card in the camera via the app settings for the camera from my phone.