Landscape View For Tablets

Wyze APP (when opened) can not shift to panoramic view on iPad.
This is incredibly annoying. This “forums” pages shifts when iPads are rotated BUT NOT the Wyze APP.

Thanks for your post re landscape view. Reassured Wyze is working on it and look forward to seeing it work in I hope the near future.


Frankly I do not understand the meaning of your post. There is or is not a way to view in landscape on a tablet ?? If the answer is yes then the question is how do I do it ?

The fix is currently undergoing beta testing.

It depends. If you are using a recent enough iPad and running iPadOS 16.x, then the answer is yes. You must turn on Stage Manager. See here for instructions.

If not running one of these iPads, then nothing has changed other than the orientation flip button image is broken in the production app. The bug is that the image button flips to an old still image instead of changing screen orientation. The bug is fixed in the current public beta app.


It is simply unbelievable that as 2022 comes to a close we still do not have a 100% landscape app. This is the reason that I will never consider the purchase of any other Wyze product or entrust something like my door locks or home alarms to you. You literally are not up to the task. You are apparently children.

Why is this not done yet? Need the app to be ipad friendly. Its been over 4 years since this thread came out

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Although some forum moderators would have you believe otherwise, I think the proof has been adequately displayed, and the truth is they really don’t care

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It’s pretty sad that this problem still hasn’t been addressed. Unless you are reading a book on the iPad, it is used in landscape mode. EVERYBODY’s app does this simple viewing option….even Ring!!!

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After all the years and empty promises it’s actually become kind of amusing. Lately, given the other software related issues that crop up with many devices maybe it is true that they have no coders.

Any updates on landscape mode?

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Ha! That is never going to
happen. The wyze guys are obviously too
invested in ignoring this - it is their
negative ground, a lightning rod to
distract is from seeing their real game.

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wyze app landscape mode support

Can we please get a wyze app release that allows you to interact with the app in landscape mode?

On my tablet when i open the app i want to interact with it in landscape mode as this is the layout i’m mostly operating from when using tablet vs phone.

Seems like even though the device is in landscape mode the wyze app just conteinues to operate in portrait mode.


Many have been asking for years now. They used to tell us it requires a complete app rewrite, promise it was coming - then ignore it. Now they just don’t bother to acknowledge and find people to explain workarounds that kind of fake it. Nonsense in asking any more.

I don’t know if that is a Chinese business practice or just a “don’t give a [Mod Edit] practice“

Either way it’s an unacceptable way to do business in my estimation

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Couldn’t agree more, but they are just one of the many. American Corporate culture in general seems to be offering the single finger salute to their customers in general these days. Doesn’t make me happy, but it was what we have I guess.

It’s my hope that they hear what we say, and that they put pursuit of the dollar behind customer satisfaction rather than in front of it….

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I don’t understand why it would require a complete rewrite. I can force portrait mode on android using a third party app and the wyze app works on portrait almost perfectly that way.

Laziness and or that they don’t care about the customers. Either way I stopped buying their products after the bathroom scale came out. I only get alerts on this forum for the sliver of hope they will wake up. But I guess first contact with life outside our universe will happen first.