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There really isn’t. All Wyze official announcements are generally in the Wyze News category. But that wouldn’t apply to beta releases. The best I can suggest is do an advanced search and add a bunch of Wyze employee usernames to that search. You might also want to limit the search to in title only to reduce the clutter.

You may also want to check the Facebook beta group.

Thanks, Loki. :slight_smile:

Is Facebook beta my best bet for determining this?

I hope Discourse wins. Go Discourse. Win. :ballot_box:


Make a category for general or for your app. Your categories are lacking. I wanted to post a request to fix the support chat on the app and there is no category for that. I had to create a post for the notifications not being able to be cleared on the Android app and there is no category for that.

[Mod edit] Moved to form feedback thread for better visibility.

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Mod moved my post to this thread… “for better visibility” but if that had not happened I would have never known this thread existed. How about making this thread visible…

My request is now buried under years of posts in the “News” category.

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It is already pinned (one of three topics) to the top of the Wyze News Catagory. :slight_smile:


That’s a great idea. There are quite a few topics that address the Wyze App but not any specific product. Because of your suggestion, we have decided to create a new Wyze App category on the forum. It may take a little while until that gets done, so please be patient.

Thank you for suggesting this.


well, Loki, that’s one more for the good guys

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Great suggestion to add an App category. I like that it was added.

Also keep in mind that requests to fix specific “Bugs” can be submitted to the “Fix-it-Friday” event that happens on the first Friday of every month with a new thread posted by a Wyze Employee.

And specific feature request additions can be submitted in the “Wishlist” category. This is where all the engineers and other Wyze staff review requests to add new features or products for any topic, and the more people who vote on it to show they feel the same way, the more highly it is considered.

So for future reference, a lot of “requests” to Wyze employees can be made in those 2 places. :+1:
I am happy to have an “App” category for us users to discuss things in now too, so thanks for the suggestion to add that to the forum.


The forum now has a Wyze App category. It can be found here: Wyze App

Please use this new category for any topics that relate to the Wyze App, but not any particular product or service. Examples would be trouble navigating in the app, display irregularities or any kind of app-specific bugs.


Loki, I would like you to know that Wyze is help page sucks and you’re AI the chat bot you guys use sucks even worse redo it make it comprehensive simple and don’t give suggestions don’t apply

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A couple of comments on this. (1) I’m a volunteer, not a Wyze employee, so it is not “my” help page and chat bot. (2) I can effect changes on the forum (my area), but I have no ability to effect any change on the main Wyze website, help site, or chat bot.

This is really not a discussion for the Forum Feedback thread since it’s not about the forum. That said, if I get the opportunity, I will mention that some folks are not happy with the help site and chat bot.


i’m sorry that didn’t come out right I didn’t mean to infer that you were in charge of anything and I know you’re a volunteer just like other members or volunteers like Carver and those guys

Look at it if you can take the time, try to use the help site and you’ll see what I’m talking about

If you have any way to pass that information on to the people who can make the changes I would appreciate it again it wasn’t meant to be a personal ping on you…

I might be wrong, but it seems to me like Wyze companies software that we are allowed to use by downloading their application is poorly thought out and poorly written

I’ve been to a lot of sites and I have a lot of software programs that are by far easier and more intuitive and that includes their customer support or help areas.

I hope that you don’t get the opinion that I am just a bitcher or for that matter a troublemaker or complainer.

I actually have quite a number of wise products and I only express my opinions about things that I have personally experienced .

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We have changed the requirement to submit a new Wishlist topic so that users must now be at least Trust Level 1. (If you are reading this, you are probably already TL1 or above.)

The following paragraph has been added to How To Use the Wishlist:

  1. Due to the large number of submissions that are the same as easily found existing topics, we now require that users spend a bit of time on the forum before submitting a new Wishlist request. Therefore Trust Level 0 (TL0: New User) members are restricted from submitting new Wishlist topics. Attaining the next Trust Level (TL1) currently only requires having having viewed 5 topics, read 30 posts, and spent 10 minutes reading. (Added June 2023)

TL0 users who attempt to submit a new Wishlist topic will get a message “You’re not allowed to create topics in this category”. Unfortunately, we don’t have the ability to make that message more explanatory. If you see a TL0 user complaining about getting that message, this is the reason. Please flag the post for help from a mod or simply explain to them that they must attain TL1 by satisfying the above requirements in order to submit. We won’t be manually upgrading TL0 users for this purpose.

EDIT: denial message corrected.


I hope this helps. You mods end up doing a lot of organizational cleanup work. My one concern with this is that users who can’t submit to a wishlist right away will often instead post the request in another category instead, and then mods may still often be moving the post into the appropriate wishlist topic anyway, possibly resulting in close to the same amount of work.

Though we can help by referring some of those people to go vote and comment on the existing wishlist topic, and some of those new threads can simply be generally ignored in some cases if mods need to prioritize their time.

It is a shame that Discourse doesn’t allow the denial message to be more specific to help save mods’ valuable time. :frowning: Though it would be nice if more people just paid closer attention or searched first.


This makes sense, and I agree with carvers comments and concerns. Maybe add a blurb on how to view your TL?

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For those reading this here that want to know your trust level, here is a good write-up from Loki that explains how a user can check the trust level on their own.