Fast Forward/Rewind (and other scrubbing alternatives) In SD Card Playback

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Relatively new to Wyze, but a big believer. Amazing prices, products and support. Have already purchased a second pan cam, and recommended to many f/f. That said, I may not have a good grasp of the wishlist yet, but this speed control feature would be tops for me. However, if understanding correctly then among the top 5 most-wanted items on the user wishlist, Wyze is only actually researching one? The rest are still “maybe later”? I know some of the most requested items can be the hardest to implement - especially at this price point. Yet still seems odd not to be at least researching more of the top 5 asks, which could obviously attract/keep more users a/o be dealbreakers for those considering Wyze.

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This is one that we have researched before and haven’t given up on. It’s pretty tricky to do with our stuff right now so we’re still working on figuring out how to do it but decided to backburner it for a bit.


What’s happened with the fast forward/rewind feature. It’s critically needed. Impossible to find an event real time. It’s really kind of a deal-breaker. Can’t imagine why it would be backburnered. The dev team needs to spend some time searching through their own vids to understand the pain. The tech is out there already to add this functionality - no need to reinvent the wheel. It’s an after-purchase discovery that’s a real bummer.

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Perhaps it indicates poor pre-purchase research if it’s such an important factor. Three of my critical must have features were support, in app time lapse and ease of making the camera battery powered.

With so many features possible on ip cams and such wide price ranges and support levels it’s not a market for the uninformed buyer.

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Well, as you’ve quite correctly surmised, some of us lack your superior level of expertise and well-honed pre-purchase research skills. Sufficiently chastened, thanks to your helpful response, I will take my place in line with the thousands of other foolhardy Wyzecam buyers who took for granted a there’d be a basic feature like fast-forward on playback. Even though virtually every competitive product on the market has it - even doggie cams. Of course we should have assumed we’d have to watch every single moment of recorded video at real time speed to view. What were we thinking?

It’s something that we’re still wanting. There’s a combination problem with our file management and hardware limitations that makes this extra difficult. We’re still looking into options for this and understand the importance but we also needed to look at reprioritizing our resources given the fact that we weren’t making headway with this one.



If you haven’t already already discovered it, you may want to hop over and vote for and/or comment on this Wishlist topic:

It would likely help a lot in finding the playback segments you want to find and is marked as “researching”, so much more likely to be implemented in the near term.

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I use these cameras to monitor my daughter’s seizure activity over night and to monitor her nursing care when I am away. I am in desperate need of a fast playback. I hope you all are working on this option. If it doesn’t come soon, I will have to purchase different cameras…because her night seizure activity has increased and it takes me far to long to sort through all of it.

Omg yes please!! I was trying to find something a couple days ago in my playback and gave up because of the slowness of it.

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A feature request: would it be possible to add a 2x, 4x and 8x video playback speed option to enable fast forwarding through recorded videos? If I am looking for a short event it can be very difficult to find it in an hour long time period.

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This. PLEASE. I’ve lost hours of my life recently :sob:
I think this is the only thing my nest cam can do better!

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Since you are having such a difficult with fast forward maybe should change the way it records

@camperhamby thanks for your thoughts. What would settings would you suggest to improve reviewing ability?

For you that are monitoring people: Try Time Lapse mode. Yes, it is delayed, but if the hardware says no, then this is your option.

For those that say playback is slow, I can probably safely say you have a slow phone or router. Playback is nowhere near slow for me.

To Wyze: Why not just skip frames for faster playback?

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I think ( ONLY A GUESS HERE) that one of the hurdles in implementing a smooth fast forward or rewind is the manner in which things are recorded. if something records for longer than a minute, think, a lot of continuous motion on record events only, or any recording in continuous mode,
is that it has to start at a new clip being that they are recorded in one minute increments. so it actually has to play and control a completely different file.

I could imagine that causing some headaches for someone trying to program some sort of speed controlled review.

Allowing playback at half, double and treble (plus more) speed would make finding an event not detected by the camera that much more simpler and user friendly to conduct.

Being able to scrub through the playback and not having to wait for it to load and catch up to where you stopped would also be a massive benefit over the current abilities.

Currently we can only go to where we thing an event happened and then have to nudge forwards and backwards to truely find the correct time stamp period.


Event Notices should have a way to link directly to the correct timestamp. Like as in, you see a notice, and click on ‘view’, then you should have a playback viewer begin a few seconds before that timestamp. The notices should be in view the entire time you have the playback window open, then you could just click down through the notices you are interested in

Day 6 has the ability to jump forwards or backwards through a video recording to only those scenes that had motion events. For the Wyze cameras, this should also include any sensor event. Maybe if the video recording had a ‘click track’ embedded into it, to provide event points you can skip to?

It seems that Wyze has moved on to different things than working on the playback speed. It has been nine months since they have been “working” on it, but they have come out with security chips, bulbs and plugs. Those are great. So my new question is does anyone have a work around, like putting the SD card in the computer and using a program to make it easier to try to find things that did not trigger an event?