Competition is heating up

The Eufy Indoor cam hasn’t been released yet. My guess is that articles like that will change in the next 60 days.

Only pro for me would be the 2k resolution, I don’t use apple so homekit doesn’t matter to me.


you meant your first post. yes
OP did not mention it, tgerefore I ask again.


BTW, soke to a friend… He said SimCam S1 can do LAN P2P. not sure how is this brand.

I found this interesting

We will open source software development kit (SDK) and the source code to the public through website and GITHUB . Developers can DIY their desired AI functions , such as catching your dog from stealing food on the table (as shown on above video), or identifying their own license plates and opening the garage door among other AI functions.

From Senior Director of Technology & Services, @Frederik, about six months ago:

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Does Wyze gather requirements from “regular ol’ users”? If no, that’s the issue.

A software company can not produce a quality UI/software/hardware to be consumed by the general public. unless they engage the general public for requirements.

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They certainly do, they solicit feedback from all. And they seem to listen fairly well too!

I tried to get more info on SimCam. there is no forum. so it is a Negative for the brand.
but I found a reviewer…the product was a year ago.

SimCam review

Apparently it was an Indigogo project. I found cams for sale ranging from $60 to $200+ depending on where. And a lot of the offers looked sketchy. Specs sound great but does not appear to have much of a company behind it.

I think so. Here’s an illustrative exchange from a big topic in the recent past:

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2k would only be slightly better/wider than 1080p. (2048 vs 1920, they’re both 1080). Other factors would improve quality more than adding 6.25% more lines.


I really don’t see the appeal of the Eufy cams. Battery-powered cams are a non-starter in my book. “Battery powered” means “motion event recording only”, which inevitably leads to situations where you miss important information because the motion sensing didn’t cut in soon enough. IMO, Wyze got it right with the flat power cable that can be run a window sill, and continuous recording with an SD card installed.

I have a lot of PoE wired cameras in my security setup (Dahua and Amcrest). The ONLY wireless cameras that I use are Wyze cams, specifically because of the low cost, the wired AC power cable, and the human figure detection.

If you’re looking to upgrade from an Arlo, or a similar battery powered camera system, then the Eufy is probably worth a look, but I don’t think Wyze is competing in quite the same space.

Of course, none of this means I wouldn’t like to see more improvements to the Wyze camera interface, specifically the addition of a web-based interface viewable on a laptop. :slightly_smiling_face:


The new Eufy Indoor cam is wired (micro usb). It offers optional local storage via microSD, but for slightly more money than a Wyze it offers HoneKit support and higher resolution.

Neither camera is expensive but $40 vs $20 isn’t slightly more, it’s 100% more. :slight_smile:


2 cents is 100% more than 1 cent both are extremely low value. That logic is not really applicable. 20 bucks vs 40 bucks is very close in the market where most cameras are near or over 100 dollars.

I think Wyze delivers excellent value for its price. But if Eufy can deliver a camera with the published specs for 40 then they are also delivering excellent value for the amount.

I would not take anything away from either. HomeKit only matters to those in the Apple ecosystem. To the rest of the user base it is of no value.

We will have to see exactly what Eufy delivers for the retail price and decide then. :sunglasses:

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That’s why I started with “Neither camera is expensive”.

It will be interesting to see if 1 Eufy is worth 2 Wyze cameras. Competition is always good for the end user.

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Competition is good, also not everyone needs or wants the same features, so choice is cool too. What I have wanted for a while is NFS recording. You can do it with Wyze but it takes some doing. It would be nice if it was baked in. Eufy has made noises that they may include that in an upcoming firmware update.

To me, that feature alone would be worth the 40 price. No more SD cards and no worries if the camera is stolen. Your footage is safe! I like HomeKit but not having it is not a deal breaker for me.

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I can only afford 1 camera. I will buy the cheaper one at a 50% discount to the more expensive one and use the $20 to buy X loaves of bread, X gallons of milk, and a People magazine.

My children are like baby birds, mouths agape. :baby: :baby_chick: :baby_bottle:   They never depict kids in People like that. :slight_smile:

Eufy is sending data to China server.

Another off my list.

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