Camera Grouping

Hope the ability to select multiple cameras in the view events filter is enabled soon! I would think this wouldn’t be that hard to add since you can view events by all cameras or a single camera right now.

It would be great to create camera groups, especially for people who have multiple cameras. Camera groups could help people to selectively operate a group of cameras as one entity. These groups can also be exposed to IFTTT.

Example: A user having 3 cameras in the basement and another 6 cameras in the rest of the house. To enable or disable motion tagging only on the basement cameras, each of the 3 cameras have to be selected and motion tagging has to be enabled or disabled. It would be great if the user could just group the cameras in the “basement” group and enable/disable motion tagging for all three in one go.

You can already enable/disable motion detection for a group of cameras by setting up a shortcut for each group. Search the Support link top right of this page for more info on shortcuts.

You might also want to vote for the topic below, one of the items of which is to be able to trigger Wyze app shortcuts with IFTTT:


A cool feature for grouping when it goes to production would be the ability to filter notifications by groups. currently we can only filter by camera, but if you’re like me and have an inside and outside group being able to filter to see just the outside groups notifications would save time and just be very handy overall.


Yes, I thought this would be available when the grouping feature was added to the latest app update. Why can’t they add filter event notifications by group? @UserCustomerGwen, @Loki do you happen to know why this was excluded? Do we need to put in another feature request? Thanks.

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I do not know why it wasn’t included in this update. But there is an existing Roadmap topic that applies, so you don’t need to create a new one. Please hop over to the post below, vote for it, and add any comments as appropriate:


Oh yeah I forgot I created that request already. I’ll add a comment.


I’m not sure why it was excluded here but I do like this request! :slight_smile:


Love the Grouping update plus multi cam streaming is so awesome… finally!!! Thanks team!


Thank you Wyze!

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Love the camera grouping feature! However, once you group your cameras you cannot view them individually through the home tab. To do so, you must go into the group and then separate the camera you want to view individually which is an extra step we shouldn’t have to take. After grouping, the individual camera should still be selectable from the home tab in addition to the group.


You can vote for the ability to go directly to a single camera here (be sure to click the VOTE button at the top):

Love the grouping and multiview! This is one of those features that make me want to buy more wyze cams for my house!

Very cool. This gives me a reason to buy more Wyze cameras. Great cameras btw. :grin:

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now we need to include the grouping for sensors

It’s coming.

This didn’t really get implemented quite like I thought it would

The new feature allows you to create a
Camera Group
A contact Sensor Group
A Motion sensor group

What it does not allow is to create a

Backyard Group
Home Group
Garage Group
Office Group

Where I can tell it which of ALL my sensors (and future Wyze products like doorbell and light bulb) are in which group. Why was the grouping limited to sensor type?


also one item can become multiple groups

Also if you use a camera in a group it is locked into that group.
You should be able to put a camera into multiple groups… I have a camera that I would like to have in others groups also.

This item is in the Wishlist currently. follow this link to vote for the feature and let your voice be heard.

remember to search through the forums as often times what you are looking for is already being looked for or worked on

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