Air Purifier Software Fix....When?

So, how much longer before Wyze fixes the software to the app for the Air Purifier?

What issues are you seeing?

It’s the same issue everyone has, not many graphing dots and the AQI doesn’t update much.

Post details about what issues your having in fix it Friday so it will gain more attention. Wyze is working on it though.

I’ve already posted about it but as I said everyone has the same issue. Not sure why it’s taking so long to fix because Wyze knew about the issue prior to releasing the product for sale.

Last I heard was:

We’re working on a different design that will show more results instead of just the bad results like the current design. Thanks for your feedback!

Yeah and that was a while ago. Wyze has had a long time to fix this issue and shouldn’t have released the product if the software wasn’t working as advertised. But I don’t understand that “working on a different design that will show more results” line. They’re making is sound like the current software is working correctly, when it’s not. Their own advertising picture shows graph dots every hour, no matter what the AQI is.

This is what we’re supposed to be seeing.

Just downloaded 1.0.6 and the app showed an AQI of 1 and there was one dot on the graph. Then I closed the app and opened it again and the AQI was still 1, while my air purifier display showed and AQI of 10. This update fixed nothing.