Zoomed-in Alexa skill

I know the Alexa skill can’t perform a zoom, pan, or tilt but I’m using the Wyze app on my iPhone to perform a zoom and the Echo doesn’t display the zoomed-in picture. It does display pans and tilts that I do with the phone app. Shouldn’t the Echo display the same thing that the phone displays?

Not really, no it shouldn’t. Panning and tilting is changing where the camera is pointing, and thus those changes affect all viewers. Zooming on the other hand, it strictly a digital zoom performed on the viewing device. The camera itself doesn’t have any inherent zoomability.

You can see this if you log two phones/tablets into the same account (or a shared camera). Zooming on one doesn’t affect the other. It’s the same for the Echo.

To make this possible, the Echo would have to support digital screen zoom on itself. I’m not an Echo Show user, so I don’t know if this is something you can enable on that device. If not, this is something you’d need to request from Amazon.


Thank you for the explanation.

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