Zoom permanently on cam-V3

I wonder if the V3 camera’s after setup can be stay at say 2x zoom. This way I can see better when I have a notification to review it.

Remember, the camera is not zooming at all - only your app.


Yes, the zoom is completely digital and done in your app, not on camera. If you want the app to persist zoom state, you could suggest that on the #wishlist

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Here is a v3 lens swap tutorial video if you feel like putting a different lens in a v3.

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Swapping the lens is [H] to bring back something old lol. 99.9% of people won’t be doing that.

It would be better to just find a streaming app that can do it and stay on it. I don’t see Wyze adding that in at all.

Probably like 1% or less of all people would use it? Feature bloat. They would need to continually test that as well, make fixes, etc.

Thank you for your honesty.