Zone Control - Allow sensors to be separated into multiple zones

Allow for a way to setup monitoring for the alarm so there’s 2 zones 1 for the house that I have on when we’re not home, at night etc. And another always on unless turned off for let’s say my shed?

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An additional use for this feature:

As you all know, the HMS Hub is FAR too simple minded to be able to handle Zone control. There are times when I would like to be able, without toggling sensors or rules, to arm the system Home, have my perimeter sensors on duty, but have some of my off duty internal sensors in other ‘zones’ to notify me but not trip an alarm. When I disarm, no notifications; Armed Away: on duty so alarm trips and notifies anyway.

Being able to use these notification changes as an action from an alarm state trigger would allow for self monitored internal zones while having a professionally monitored perimeter zone.

But… and there is always a but… None of this discussion matters as it pertains to being able to action sensors from an HMS state change trigger.

The root of the issue is Wyze has completely quarantined the HMS hub from the rest of its ecosystem. The hub cannot be used as a trigger or an action. It is isolated from any smart home automation.

The hub cannot trigger cams, cam sirens, lights, plugs, Alexa and Home are persona non grata.

Until Wyze explains why the Hub hardware or software is incapable of playing with the rest of the IoT, we are simply left guessing. We already know that the hub hardware is incapable of a louder siren (per Wyze statement) as it was 6 months ago… Wait… Same hardware but now incapable of what it was before… #headscratcher.

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I voted for this. I just wanted to give examples on how this could make a great wishlist item:

We currently have Home and Away states, which is helpful. I can use home to arm all the doors and windows while my family sleeps, and use Away to arm everything, including the doors, windows and motion sensors, and even some inside doors, etc. too.

What this wishlist would allow is an option to have something like my shed or swimming pool gates stay alarmed even during the daytime unless I purposely turn the alarm off. I wouldn’t use arm-home because I might go in and out of various doors, or open the windows. I don’t want those alarmed during the daytime, but I might want to make sure nobody is going into my pool or my shed, or maybe a special storage closet or something.

Yes, we can set up rules or notifications instead, but it would be great to have this tied to Home monitoring since it is a Home monitoring type of use. In this sense, “Zoning” could be useful,

Additionally, for something like a Mother-In-Law apartment, or Casita or whatever. Maybe letting a family member move-in to the basement so in a way it’s not a separate home, it’s both shared and separate…zone control would be useful for people in these situations.

I can definitely see a beneficial use from the possibility of zone control as proposed in this wishlist.

It would especially be useful if self-monitoring is more developed, then we could do self-monitoring on some zones, and law enforcement monitoring on others. Things like that.

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Support for zones in Cam Plus Pro

Looking to add zone support to Cam Plus Pro. For example, I have a home office in a remote building on my property that I would like to arm at night (but not have to arm the main house).

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