Zero degrees and wyze captures orbs at night

I’m puzzled and a skeptic. I’ve been capturing large streaking orbs at night when its 15-25° outside.
It’s not snow or ice… dust or insects. This last few were the size of a baseball
These answers do not seem to fit what I’m capturing. Does anyone experience this as well in this same type of environment?
Any help or answers that help me make some sense of this phenomena would be most appreciated.
Thanks for reading this…☆

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Welcome to the forums! Although the objects that are the “size of a baseball” appear as such, dust, bugs or particles really close to the camera lense and to close to be in focus appear larger than they really are. And are very visible due to the IR illuminating them from right there.


I have captured orbs also occasionally. Lets fCe it we both have ghost. :slightly_smiling_face: