Your new upcoming watch

I was going to order few of them. I had a chat with you, and found out the the watch will show ONLY English.
I think you will have a lot of disappointed customers. Most people will not think of checking it ahead of time, before they will pre-order.
I am pretty sure that most of your followers are young smart people. If you walk in the streets of Silicon Valley (which I do, even though my next birthday will be 70…), you will see a LOT of people that most likely get messages in their phones and watches, in English and another languages.
Not being able to see other languages, occur, only in cheap smart watches.
Your products, are inexpensive and amazing, but they are not “cheap”. They are great.
You will receive a lot of complaints about it! I hope you will apply other languages to your new watch

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i agree with you they should support multi languages, i want order but now because multi languages i left it in cart.