Yet another EASY way to surveil outside your home

I have been using double sided tape to attach the wyzecam to the windows of my home and office to monitor the outside of the home/office. The (thick) double sided tape blocks glare (reflections from the window) from the lens, and the picture is excellent. It would be very difficult for a thief to disable this without getting caught. They could paint the window or break it, but they cannot disconnect it without entering the home or office.



I just affixed the 3M stickies and metal disk to the top of my window frame then placed the camera on via the magnetic base. It works a treat. You just need to rotate the image 180 degrees in the advanced settings.


Hello tjd
The next time you tape a V2 up against a window a cleaner more compact installation can be obtained by taping differently. The sides of the big black disc can be taped over without affecting camera function. The smaller bottom black disc is non-functional and can be taped over. The small opening at the top of the large disc is the ambient light sensor and should not be covered as well as the actual lens in the center. The small hole at the bottom of the disc is to receive sound, cover if not important. There are four infrared lights located inside the edge of the large disc at the upper and lower left and right. If you don’t want to cover them use narrower tape or cut out notches for the lights. I personally don’t use the lights to minimize insect attraction triggers.
Also, there would not be exposed tape on the inside surface of the window to catch lint and bugs.
Victor Maletic


Not exactly sure what black disc you are talking about, but thanks for the tip. The light sensor is not blocked and the camera and sound both work fine in day and night. Here is another one in my garage: IMG_1247

He’s referring to the larger black circle around the lense.
The small black circle at the bottom can be covereed. There is nothing behind it.

I understand now, but I did not cover the ambient light sensor in any of my installations. I should probably cut the tape cleaner so that it looks nicer, but it is functioning perfectly day and night, and the sound picks up very clearly as is.

Better than tape residue, use a car phone suction mount.

Would have taken one from outside but it’s raining out today


Hello the
Looking good. Based on eight years of working with analog cameras and finding small insects inside the camera enclosures and sometimes the cameras themselves, consider blocking access to the space in front of your cameras with additional tape.
A final observation, does the window crank have enough room to turn or does it just appear that way in the picture?

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He’s not saying that you did cover the sensor. He’s saying you can cover the large black circle except for the lense and the sensor.

Got it, thanks!

thanks for the tip! the window crank is farther away than it looks in the photo.

:+1: i like it!

Ok, here is my cleaner solution. This is a v2 camera, and I read somewhere that the v2 does not use the ambient light sensor above the lens, but I added a cutout around it just in case it is used in a future firmware update. I also tried to seal out bugs and dust per your recommendation.

One key advantage is completely blocking out any back light from getting between the lens and the window which would cause a reflection if the light is on in the interior (e.g. garage) room. Also, even though the microphone is enclosed between the glass and the camera, it still works.


Very clean looking tjd.
I would get IR light interference at night with a glass window in front of my camera. Only turning off the IR lights with advanced settings stopped the interference. In your case are you getting good images at night with your camera’s IR lights turned on? I am wondering if the covering glass being close and parallel makes a difference? In my setup the glass wasn’t as close nor parallel.

Looks good and should work nicely against a window.:+1:

The glass is close and parallel, but I did have to turn off the IR lights. That is the one downside I have found to this solution. I attached a pic showing how well it can see at night without the IR lights. Not too bad but probably not as good as if the IR lights were on.

Note that the pic is pretty good without IR and you can clearly read the 25 mph sign across the street.

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This is nice but I think of the afterwards. The tape will be a pain to get off the window even with Goo Gone.

How about 2" Command strips? Pulls off clean.

I like the idea because mine is in a back window looking out and after dark, you can’t see anything unless the neighbor’s floodlight comes on.


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A flat edge razor blade cleans sticky glue off windows very easily. That’s what I use to remove tape or sticky glue from a window.

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That’s a pretty good picture tjd.
I am wondering if taping an IR illuminator high up on the inside of the window would provide a better image?