Xiaomi 11 lite 5G NE

Ok so i was unable to setup my switch with this phone but the cameras and plugs seem fine just the damn switch. So I had to use an ancient Samsung tablet to do it and it worked no problem it has android 9 to give u an idea. I am concerned this will be an issue going forward. Anyone else had issues with different phones and did you have to make the location all the time vs while using the app to get it to work. Or is it possible that it is the phones software. Ugh
I am hoping to solve this now.

Location services are really important for the Bluetooth pairing of many devices. The cameras and (older) plugs don’t use Bluetooth so that’s probably why you didn’t have an issue with those. Make sure to set location to always allow and have Bluetooth enabled

You also need to allow permissions for " Nearby Devices". This is required for BT connectivity as well.

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