X10 controller integration

It would sure be nice if the selective area motion detection of the camera could be used for triggering another external device such as an X 10 controller. For example I would like to turn on my sprinklers when a stray dog comes in my yard.

This would be considered a new integration. With all the other features and integrations on the #wishlist, I’m not sure how likely this would be to get implemented.

That said, you may be able to already accomplish this using the IFTTT integration. If your sprinkler controller supports IFTTT, then you can likely already do it. For example, Rachio lets you start a zone based on any IFTTT trigger, which could be Wyze sensing motion.

Also, if you search for IFTTT and X10, you will find that users have figured out ways to get IFTTT to trigger X10 controllers using emails and scripts.

Finally, if you search in #wishlist and #roadmap, you will find other proposed integrations (eg. SmartThings, Alexa routine triggers, etc) that could help. You can vote for and/or comment on these topics.

If you use SmartThings you can also use WebCore which allows you to achieve quite a bit

Thanks for the tip, but I am 75 and I have never even heard of most of this stuff let alone being able to figure it out.